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Illegally Parked Car off Courtney Campbell Causeway Is Submerged in High Tide

Dayna Remus
Jul 20, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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Submerged in water, car owners of a red Lexus sedan can effectively say goodbye to their valued luxury vehicle. However, local police are not extending any compassion to these rule-breakers.


In the city of Tampa, Florida, a car was found immersed in water. The owners had unlawfully left the red Lexus sedan in a restricted area, consequently becoming engulfed by the Courtney Campbell Causeway.

The waves pulled it in after the owners had illegally parked it off the highway. It then became washed out by the Tampa bay tides, thereupon submerged at around 2 feet while lodged into the sand.

A car submerged in water. | Source: twitter.com/myclearwaterPD


J.B. Biunno from WLFA Now expanded on why individuals may engage in this particular misdemeanor. He expressed that many vehicle owners will leave or even desert their cars due to problems with them.

These vary from automobiles having no gas to mechanical problems. Biunno stated that whatever the reason, once these high tides pull the cars out, they often become stuck and challenging to salvage.


The local Clearwater Police Department took to social media, choosing to make an example of the incident as to why individuals should abide by the restrictions. In the Twitter post, they wrote:

"This is what happens when you drive in an area off the Courtney Campbell where you shouldn’t be driving."

They noted that this was not the first time that a driver broke the law in this capacity. The department expressed that someone else had ignored the restrictions within recent weeks.


This law enforcement was mainly referring to a similar occurrence this past June. Another car had parked in the same area, which led to the submergence of this vehicle as well.

At the time, the police had already cautioned individuals. Another previous Tweet stated that the barrier and signs warning people not to go within the habitation restoration territory were not there without cause.

Sign warning individuals not to enter a habitat restoration area. | Source: twitter.com/Clearwater Police Department


The Clearwater Police Department also wrote that people be specifically aware of entering into the area during high tide. It read:

"Be very careful of where you park when you go for a walk at sunrise and the tide comes rolling in along the Courtney Campbell Causeway."

The tweet included a picture of the signs indicating that no one should enter the location. Many thought the vehicle owner deserved what happened to them, with one stating that they were receiving the wrath of Karma.


In a similar story involving cops and cars, police officers stopped a Tesla driver who had fallen asleep behind the wheel. Deputy Gomez eventually drove next to the vehicle to get this individual's attention.

This was because he wasn't responding to the police car's lights and sirens. Although the Tesla wasn't submerged in water, the man still received a ticket, again exhibiting the consequences of using one's vehicle irresponsibly.