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Daily Joke: Guy Shared Job Interview Questions with a Friend

Laura Beatham
Jul 24, 2021
08:15 A.M.
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Two friends went to interview for the same job. They were both in the waiting area when the first friend got called for his interview. The second friend gave him a thumbs-up as he headed into the interview room.


The interviewer reviewed the man's resume and then asked him a few questions. The interview was going well until the interviewer asked, "So if you are on a moving train and it was very hot, what would you do?"

Two friends were up for the same job. | Photo: Shutterstock


The man thought about it for a second and responded, "Well, I would open the window."

"Amazing!" exclaimed the interviewer and asked, "Let's say the train is traveling at 100 miles per hour, and the window is 1.25 sq ft. How much air would enter your cabin in a minute?"

The man thought about the equation for a while, tried to answer it but failed. So he was rejected and returned to the waiting room and his friend in despair. He quickly told his friend about the interviewer's question so he wouldn't suffer the same fate.

The man was hopeful that his friend would have a better interview. | Photo: Pixabay/Irina L


The second friend was called into the interview room. The interviewer reviewed his resume and began with a few mundane questions before asking, "If you are a train and it was very hot, what would you do?"

"Uh, well," the friend stumbled on the question, "I would take my jacket off, of course."

The interviewer responded, "Well, what if it was still too hot?"

"I would take off my shirt!" exclaimed the friend.

The man did not want to discuss the window! | Photo: Pixabay/Sora Shimazaki


The interview then asks again, "What if it is still too hot, even without a jacket and your shirt?"

The man then said, "I would take off all my clothes, but I would not open the window!"

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A well-dressed man arrived for an interview. The employer was very impressed with how well the gentleman presented himself. He was charming, very polite, and had an air of sophistication around him.


After reviewing the man's resume, the interviewer said, "You have an incredible resume and present yourself so well, but before I can hire you, I have to know why you are missing five years of work experience on your resume?"

The interviewer had a few questions about his resume. | Photo: Pixabay/ cottonbro


The man replied, "Well, that was when I was in Yale!"

The interviewer excitedly replied, "Wow! Amazing! You are hired!"

The man exited the office, called his friend, and said, "Dude, you'll never believe it, but I have a yob!"

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