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Daily Joke: Clever Man Used a Trick to Make Trees Glow and Make Money Out of It

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 21, 2021
08:45 A.M.
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John was a highly successful tradesman and exhibited a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. He had managed to convince people in the town that glowing trees were an ancient sign of prosperity and well-being.


Better yet, John even persuaded the people that their small Texas village would be seen as much more privileged if their trees were glossy. But what John left out was that even though he was an entrepreneur, he didn't know anything about trees.

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Every morning, John headed down to the local hardware shop and bought the paint. He used the paint to spray on the trees of his unaware customers to make the trees appear nice and glossy.

On the other side of town lived a simple pig farmer, Bob, alongside his wife, Mary. Bob was not only familiar with pig farming, but he had quite a profitable business rendering and selling lard from his stock.

Despite Bob's lucrative business, he and his wife could only make ends meet. Sadly enough, his wife was snobbish and always downplayed her husband one way or the other. One day, she turned to her husband and started ranting:


"Bob, your shoes have holes in them, our house is crumbling and our trees are the least glossy trees in the whole town. Everyone is always making fun of me! Why aren’t you doing anything about it? We’ll be having guests coming over on Monday and you need to sort out the trees!"

Poor Bob wanted to try his level best to make Mary happy. He knew that their guests were a highly respected local band, and if somebody found out that Mary's trees weren't glowing, she would be furious.


So every day, he paced to and fro, trying to come up with a solid plan. It so happened that one Sunday night, he discovered John's tree glossing service. His face lit up because it all sounded too good to be real.

Soon afterward, Bob called John and asked him for help. After their conversation, John agreed to come over to Bob's place in the morning. Bob knew that his wife's guests would arrive on Monday, but he had no other option to make things work.

So Bob decided to get some sleep to wake up fresh and active the next day for all the preparations. Finally, Monday morning dawned, and Bob woke up to a knocking on the door.


When Bob rushed to open the door, he was surprised to see that his wife's guest was a famous local musician. He couldn't believe that he had such a special guest at his place, and just then, he saw John parking his van and jumping out of it.


"I'm here to gloss your trees!" stated John happily.

"Glossing trees, Bob? What's that all about?" asked the local musician.

Bob then explained the entire situation and told the band how he came to know about John and his services and that he could spray his trees to appear glossy and ultimately make his wife happy.

The musician was surprised to hear Bob's story and said:

"Ah! I understand. Bob, you must love Mary very much to do this, especially when times are so hard. Look, I'll have a chat with John to see what I can do to help."


The local musician was a clever man, so he went off to talk to John and returned after a few minutes, and said:

"Bob! I have great news. I have figured out a much cheaper way to get your trees nice and glossy!"

“I, I can’t believe it, thank you so much. So what do we do?" inquired Bob.

“Don’t go wasting John’s emulsion. Spray all your lard on the trees," replied the man.


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