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Teen Driver Accidentally Lands Vehicle in a Pool – Police Has Unexpected Reaction

Brittany Chalmers
Jul 25, 2021
04:30 P.M.
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A teenager caused some commotion this month when they accidentally reversed their vehicle into a swimming pool. Users online had mixed responses, but the local police reacted with a hilarious tweet!


In Lakewood, Colorado, a normal summer day took an unexpected turn that required an immediate response from the emergency rescue teams.

A youngster allegedly had their car in reverse and consequently landed it in the pool. The teenage driver and an adult passenger were able to get out of the vehicle unharmed.

A diver can been seen investigating a submerged car that was accidentally driven into a pool | Photo: Twitter/LakewoodPDCO



According to the post by Lakewood Police, the teen was cited for careless driving after the incident. The car involved in the drama was a black Infiniti, and it was photographed floating in the pool water.

Evidently, no one was spotted inside, but the car's boot was open. A diver wearing full scuba gear could be seen in the midst of inspecting the car. While no injuries were recorded, the incident did cause quite a splash online.



Netizens wanted a more conclusive version of what happened before the car landed in the water. The online community was quick to offer its own version of events.

Many people were perplexed by what happened, and one user asked: How in the world [did] this happened?!!! [sic]" Other users took the incident in a more lighthearted manner.

A diver with goggles on swims under the water | Photo: Unsplash/Alan Angelats



"Give the kid a break ... just wanted to clean the car," one netizen jokingly expressed. While people were happy to hear that nobody was harmed because of this accident, a few held other opinions.

Some commentators hoped the driver would be brought to book. One user said: "I hope that young driver is going to be written a citation for something."

A police officer brings a driver to book and writes them a fine | Photo: Pexels/Kindel Media



In the midst of all the differing opinions online, one comment stood out from the rest. Lakewood Police took their own swing at the situation, and it was brilliant.

They cleverly noted that the car was an Infiniti model and consequently delivered the perfect reaction on Twitter. They said: “Just FYI, the best line for this is ‘Check out our new Infiniti Pool.’ Everyone else is battling for second place.”

A black Infiniti sedan car is parked on the side of the road | Photo: Unsplash/Sam Warren



In a similar incident in Brisbane, Queensland, a teenager landed his mother's car in their pool. He shared a video on TikTok that showed the submerged car.

Damon Fabri explained that his mother would never allow him behind the wheel of her car again because of his actions. The video of the Kia hatchback went viral and gained an array of comments and reactions.

A red Kia hatchback car is parked next to a building | Photo: Pixabay/AutoPhotography



Viewers also noticed a vacuum floating in the pool. Eventually, Fabri shared the true story about what really happened in his backyard. He explained that his cleaner was actually responsible for the incident.

He took the blame in the video to gain attention. He hoped to gain momentum online and set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for the car's damages. With more than 170,000 video likes, he certainly got the attention he was looking for!


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