Teenager Goes Viral For Drowning a Car in a Backyard Pool

Afouda Bamidele
Jun 18, 2021
12:30 A.M.

A youngster from Queensland has gone viral after he shared a video of a car submerged in the pool and letting netizens know that his mom would never let him drive her car again.


Damon Fabri from Brisbane, Queensland, went viral on TikTok after he shared a clip of a Kia hatchback submerged in a pool in his backyard while a vacuum also floated in the water.

He seemed to have filmed the scene from a balcony while authorities tried to pull the car out. He wrote in the post that it was the last time his mom would let him drive the vehicle.

A photo of a car inside a swimming pool | Photo: Shutterstock

A photo of a car inside a swimming pool | Photo: Shutterstock

Fabri zoomed in on the vacuum, exclaiming that the cleaning equipment also belonged to his mom. The video gathered over 170,000 likes, and netizens shared their goofy comments. However, Fabri revealed that there was a backstory.

Fabri noted that their Spanish cleaner had been trying to reverse the Kia when she accidentally put pressure on the accelerator, which sent the vehicle ramming into his fence.



He noted that the lady had panicked on how to maneuver the car, as she ended up plunging the car headfirst and overturned into the pool. Fabri stated that he described the video as his mistake to get attention.

A security camera showed the footage of a backyard getting disfigured after a car veered into the compound.

This was because he noted that he is trying to raise funds for the cleaner to help cover the expenses of the damaged car. The teenager shared that he intended to start a series to gather money for her.


So far, the young man is yet to get any money for the viral video, but he has set up a GoFundMe account in hopes that the Spanish lady would get money to pay for the damages.

A similar occurrence was recorded at a Florida hotel where an adult driver landed in the hotel’s pool with a car and alongside an adult passenger. The incident happened while the driver was reversing.


There were confirmations that none of the people in the car were injured following the accident. Many netizens weighed in on the issue, with some poking fun and referring to the situation as bizarre.

Early this month, a security camera showed the backyard footage getting disfigured after a car veered into the compound. The place had a large pool, playhouse, and trampoline.

The footage showed a normal home backyard, but suddenly, a black car crashed through the fence, damaging the pool and the trampoline. It also slightly grazed the pink playhouse.

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