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Woman Realizes She's about to Give Birth in a Gas Station Bathroom, So She Starts Praying

Ayesha Muhammad
Apr 19, 2022
02:41 P.M.
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When a woman felt a strong urge to use the bathroom, she asked her husband to make a quick pit stop at a gas station. But a few moments after she shut the door behind her, she realized she was in for the biggest surprise of her life.


Have you ever stopped at a gas station to refuel your vehicle, use the restroom, or buy snacks and drinks to re-energize yourself? God works in mysterious ways, and often, life takes us by surprise when we least expect it.

In an unimaginable twist of events, a Texas couple experienced something similar, which they rightly termed a miracle. Please join us in having a look at their remarkable story.


One fine day in July 2021, Kaitlyn Fullerton, 22, and her husband, Sergio Mancera, 24, were driving home from Victoria to Houston. The couple was expecting their second child and couldn't wait to embrace parenthood again.


The mom-to-be felt a strong need to use the restroom during the journey and asked her husband to pull into the nearest gas station. Mancera obliged and made a pit stop at a gas station in Beasley, Texas.



As soon as the car stopped, Fullerton told her husband she would quickly use the bathroom and return. But things took an unexpected turn when the pregnant woman entered the toilet and closed the door behind her. She explained to ABC affiliate KTRK:

"We got further along the road and I felt like I needed to start pushing. Well, I thought I needed to go to the bathroom. I kept on feeling like a water pressure.... because [when] I stood up, my water broke."



The Texas woman's immediate reaction when she realized she was on the verge of giving birth right over the gas station toilet was to raise her hands in prayer. The expectant mom chanted:

"God please don't let me have this baby in this restroom."

Much to her amazement, God didn't answer her prayer, at least not how she hoped for or expected. As she stood in the bathroom stall, she realized there was no stopping her baby from coming out.



From there, things progressed swiftly, and within minutes, Fullerton had delivered a baby boy alone in the stall. The new mom cradled her son right after birth like a true warrior. The women in neighboring stalls heard what had happened and checked on her.

Fullerton delivered her baby on July 11, 2021, over a week before her due date. Meanwhile, Mancera, waiting for his wife in the car, was startled when a woman ambushed him with the queerest news he had ever heard. He recalled:

"I looked up, saw a woman saying, 'Hey your wife just gave birth.' I was like 'what?'"



The new father hurried to check on his wife and reacted in stunned disbelief when he saw his wife standing in the bathroom stall of a Pilot Gas Station in Beasley, Texas, holding their newborn son.

Seconds later, the proud husband and dad pulled out his camera and captured the awe-inspiring moment. Paramedics arrived after Fullerton delivered the baby by herself in the gas station restroom. Mancera nicknamed his wife "Superwoman." He expressed:

"She's a strong one right there. She did a great job."

Fullerton and Mancera pictured with their sons, Baby Callihan and Nikolai. | Source: youtube.com/FOX 26 Houston



Fullerton, a licensed vocational nurse, shared her medical expertise came in handy, coupled with the fact that it wasn't her first time delivering a baby. She and Mancera were also parents to a three-year-old boy, Nikolai.

After spending some time in the hospital, the mom and her newborn baby were deemed fit to go home. The couple named their infant boy "Callihan," who weighed seven lbs three oz at birth. They also picked a meaningful middle name for him. Fullerton revealed:

"His middle name is Eliseo. It means God is my salvation."



The young couple couldn't believe their luck and were shocked, given the potentially jeopardizing birth experience Fullerton lived. But they were thoroughly grateful that everything went well.

Mancera shared the baffling footage of his wife delivering their son in the bathroom stall of a gas station. The caption read:

"Never in my life would I have expected something like this. This is a crazy story to tell my kids one day. Having my wife give birth in a gas station! Never in a millions of years I would not have imagined this (sic)."



The doting dad and loving husband couldn't stop singing praises for his beloved wife's sheer strength, bravery, and courage. He further stated:

"How incredible she is. She is such a strong amazing person and I am so blessed to have her as my wife."

The couple described the momentous occasion as a beautiful miracle and one they were immensely grateful for. Undoubtedly, Fullerton and Mancera's phenomenal story is not only miraculous but also heartwarming.

This story teaches us that having faith always pays off, and our trials are designed to make us stronger. Even though things didn't turn out the way Fullerton wanted, the fact that she walked out with a baby in her arms is proof that everything beautifully fell into place.

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