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Arrogant Teen Taught a Life Lesson after He Shamed Waiter with Disability - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 21, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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An arrogant teen insulted a waiter and humiliated him for being disabled. However, life taught the teen a valuable lesson, and he quickly came to regret his actions.


David Carter was rich. In fact, he was VERY RICH. His dad owned the largest restaurant chain in town, and his mom was a top executive. Naturally, David never missed out on anything. If he wanted something, he just got it.

Sadly though, it didn’t take long for the riches to go to David’s head and his stubbornness to overtake him. He began to look down on those who weren't as wealthy as he was, and he humiliated them in front of their friends.

One day, while he visited his father’s restaurant for a friend’s birthday party, an innocent waiter became the victim of his insults. David thought he’d get away with it like he always did, but this time, destiny had other plans for him…


David insulted the waiter at the restaurant, but karma caught up with him soon | Photo: Shutterstock

“Hey, you! Yeah, I'm talking to you!” David signaled to the waiter, a man in his late twenties, dressed in a neatly ironed shirt and black overcoat.


The waiter greeted David with a warm smile. “Yes, sir. How may I help you?”

“Today is my friend’s birthday, and I’ve prepared a surprise party for him,” David informed him. “Make sure that everything is done according to the checklist.”

David handed over a list to the waiter. It included information such as how the dinner should be presented and when the cake was actually supposed to be brought.

“Sure, Sir. I will make sure everything is done properly,” the waiter replied and left.

The waiter took David's order quickly and then moved to the other tables | Photo: Pexels


Ten minutes later, David’s friends arrived. David asked them to settle down quickly and carefully explained the plan. He told everyone to remain hidden until Sam entered the restaurant and surprised him when he least expected it.

Soon, Sam arrived, and everyone took their positions. However, just as Sam was about to take his seat, he collided with the waiter, and some of the coffee the waiter was carrying splashed and landed on his jacket.

Within no time, David lost his cool. “What the hell! Are you BLIND? Do you even know how expensive my friend’s jacket is, you fool!” he yelled at the waiter.

Sam intervened. “Calm down, David. It’s not a big deal. It was my fault anyway. I was looking at my phone, and I didn’t notice him.”


Although it wasn't the waiter's fault, David lashed out at him | Photo: Unsplash

“Don’t cover up for these people, Sam.” David glared at the waiter. “I know them very well. They just pretend to be innocent. In reality, they aren’t.”


The waiter apologized to Sam immediately to calm the situation down. “Sorry, Sir. It was my fault," he said in a low voice. "But I couldn't help it because I’m partially blind, and I can’t see clearly until I put my glasses on. Sadly, I forgot them today.”

“No, it’s all right. Just make sure that doesn’t happen again,” Sam told the waiter calmly.

The waiter nodded and was about to leave when David stopped him. “See, Sam. We already have our first excuse! He CAN’T SEE until he wears the glasses!”

David didn't believe the waiter when he told him he couldn't see without glasses | Photo: Pexels


“I’m not lying, Sir. It’s actually...”

Before the waiter could finish his sentence, David interrupted him. “I don’t want to listen to any more excuses! If you make another mistake, I will get you fired. Do you understand?! Now hurry up and get the cake!”

The waiter nodded and walked away. Ten minutes later, he got the cake. When the cake cutting was finally over, David asked him to get the starters. The waiter quickly cleaned the tables and brought the appetizers.

With every second that passed that evening, all the waiter wished was not to disappoint David again and put his job in danger. But it seemed like God had planned to test his strength that day.


After bringing the starters, the waiter thought things were finally calm. Little did he know the worst was yet to come | Photo: Pexels

As soon as David took the first bite of the food, he spat it out on the table. “What the hell have you brought, you moron?” He gave a cold stare to the waiter.


“Sir, it’s the chicken. It’s on the menu you gave me,” the waiter replied, his voice shaking.

“Oh, really? As far as I remember, I had ordered it with gochujang sauce! Where's the sauce?!”

“I’m... I’m sorry, Sir. I guess I missed the sauce because I couldn’t read the list properly.”

David lost his temper again. “I had warned you! NO MORE EXCUSES!” he exclaimed angrily and dumped the entire chicken platter on the ground in front of the waiter.

David lost his cool and lashed out at the waiter again | Photo: Pexels


The waiter’s eyes welled up with tears. He was scared and didn’t utter a word. But David continued, “Why are you standing there like a corpse, huh? Sit down and clean it right now! And don’t use a cloth to wipe the mess. Use your hands! I hope your hands function properly. Or do you have an excuse for that as well?”

The waiter didn’t say anything. He took off his gloves and sat down to clean the floor with bare hands. Fortunately, David’s father arrived and stopped him.

“Please get up. This is not your job,” Mr. Carter told him and then turned to David. “What in the world are you thinking, David?” You’re expected to look after the restaurant when I’m not here, not insult my employees like this!”


“But dad, you don’t know him well. He’s been making excuses since we’ve come here,” David retorted. “He says he is partially blind and stuff...How is he working if he can’t see?”

David told Mr. Carter that the waiter was lying about his illness | Photo: Pexels


Mr. Carter grabbed David’s hand and pulled him to the side. “He is not lying, David. He really suffers from partial blindness. So, go and apologize to him right now!”

“No way, dad. I’m not apologizing to him,” David said firmly.

“Well then, you are going to clean that mess in front of everyone,” he told David and began dragging him to the location where David had tossed the chicken. But then, the waiter stopped Mr. Carter. “No, Sir. Please don’t do this to him,” he begged.

“He needs to be punished for what he’s done. How can he insult someone like that? It’s not right!” Mr. Carter stated emphatically.


Mr. Cater asked David to apologize, but he refused | Photo: Pexels

The waiter then explained to Mr. Carter. “Sir, what will be the difference between you and your son if you do the same thing your son tried to do to me? I agree that he should be punished for what he did, but he doesn’t deserve to be publicly humiliated like that.”


“Fine, then,” Mr. Carter said after a brief pause. “David will work at the restaurant this summer, and he can’t meet his friends until he has completed his punishment.”

David was shocked. Not because he was punished, but because the waiter was kind to him even after he ridiculed him so much.

David didn’t utter a word. He had realized his mistake. He knew he was wrong to insult the waiter. After all, he had not lied about his disability. So, David decided to apologize to him.

David apologized to the waiter and joined him at the restaurant | Photo: Pexels


“I’m sorry,” he told the waiter after a brief pause. “I shouldn’t have disrespected you like that. I will never do that again.”

The waiter smiled at him. “It’s okay, David. I’m glad you realized your mistake.”

In the end, David had to work at the restaurant during the summer break, but he found a new friend ... the waiter. His name was James.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Choose your actions wisely because they define who you are. Despite David’s rude behavior, the waiter didn’t lash out at him and also stopped Mr. Carter from doing so. Eventually, through his kind behavior, he made David realize his mistake.
  • Sometimes things can be sorted out with patience rather than hatred. When the waiter explained to Mr. Carter why he didn’t want David to be humiliated, David realized how wrong he was.

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