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Woman Leaves Her Sister Almost Homeless, Makes Big Mistake - Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jul 16, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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A greedy woman tricked her sick mother into transferring all their assets in her name and left her sister homeless. Not long after, karma made her learn a lesson the hard way.


Catherine Stone was a wealthy woman, and when she became ill, her elder daughter, Clara, took up the role of looking after her mother, especially her mother’s business affairs.

Catherine was a self-made woman and wanted her daughters to follow in her footsteps. So after her girls graduated from college, she stopped providing them with financial support. While Catherine’s younger daughter, Anna, tried her hardest to make her mother proud, Clara spent her life pursuing useless men and befriended unemployment and poverty.

With no job or money in hand, Clara saw her mother’s illness as a key to the golden door—the door that would not only make her rich but also famous. So, here she was, playing the role of the most devoted daughter in the world.


Clara pretended to be a caring daughter to get the assets transferred in her name | Photo: Shutterstock

On the other hand, when Anna learned that her mother was ill, she wanted to stay by her side and care for her. However, unlike Clara, she was struggling and trying hard to fulfill her mother’s wish and become a self-made woman. So all she could do was call her mother every day and visit her every few months.


Then came the awful day they had been dreading: Catherine’s death. Clara clung to her reputation as a “faithful daughter” until the very last moment and immediately arranged a lavish funeral for her mother. Anna flew over to say her goodbyes.

After the funeral, Anna accompanied Clara to their mother’s house. Anna looked around the house, and her eyes welled up with tears. “It really breaks my heart that mom is no longer with us. Look at the house; it looks so sad now. I'll miss her whenever I come and stay here,” she said in a low voice.

Anna got emotional thinking how she'd stay at her mom's house without her, but her evil sister had different plans for her | Photo: Pexels


Clara immediately shifted her gaze to Anna. “What exactly do you mean by ‘you’ll stay here?’ This house is mine because mom transferred everything in my name. And I don't want you to stay here!”

“Yours?” Clara said after a brief pause. “I thought she’d give it to both of her daughters. That was something she had always wanted to do. In fact, when I visited her last time, she promised she’d leave this house for both of us because it holds our memories.”

Clara smirked. “Yeah, she wanted to do that. But then she saw her older daughter, who had left everything behind in LA and given up her work to care for her mother day and night. Plus, she learned that her younger daughter only came to see her on occasion because she had married a wealthy man and started a family without her mother’s approval. So, she decided to transfer it to my name.”


“What the hell, Clara?” Anna screamed at her. “When did you get a job? Weren’t you just wasting your life after men? And when did I get married? Wait, did you lie to our mother and trick her into transferring the assets?”

Clara tricked her mother and got everything transferred in her name | Photo: Pexels


Clara laughed. “Oh, Annie. You’re such a kid. It took you so long to understand that! Oh, by the way, she was really sad that you never told her about the marriage.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Clara,” Anna retorted. “You know I was struggling to find a job so that mom could be happy. I can’t believe you kept our mother in the dark.”

“Honey, you have to do that sometimes to become rich and successful. See, you’re still working hard and trying to make our mother proud, but look at me, I already have everything.”

“I can’t believe this, Clara. You’re such a jerk!” Anna yelled at her.


Anna couldn't believe Clara kept their mother in the dark for their assets | Photo: Pexels

Anna gave her a crooked smile. “Don’t worry; I’m not like mom. I have something for you. Here, take this.” With that, she threw a box containing their mother’s design collections towards Anna. “You always liked this as a kid. Moreover, it appears to be too cheap to keep in this house. So, I can let you have this.”


Anna’s eyes filled with tears. “I can’t believe you did this to your sister, Clara. I really didn’t mind if you took her wealth. But the house, it has our memories.”

“Aww, don’t be so sad, honey. You still have to deal with a lot of difficulties in life. Plus, you should be thankful that I gave you at least something from the assets, unlike our mother.”

Anna was speechless; she couldn’t believe her sister took everything from their mother and left her almost homeless. But there wasn’t much she could do about it. So she brushed her tears away, clasped the box of designs tightly in her hands, and prepared to leave. But then, Clara stopped her.


Anna was saddened by her sister's actions | Photo: Pexels

“What do you want now?” Anna asked, irritated.

“I want in writing that you’re taking a share of our mother’s inheritance.”


Anna was stunned. “You really want a legal document for a box of old designs?!”

Clara smiled and nodded.

“Fine. Let’s keep it legal! I’ll send you the documents by this evening,” Anna told Clara and left.

Clara gave up the designs thinking it was useless | Photo: Pexels


A year later, Clara was sitting watching a famous talk show. She watched TV often these days because her mother’s business was on the verge of failing, and she had planned to flee the country after selling her mother’s stuff for as much money as she could get.

Suddenly, she heard the name Anna Stone. She was surprised to see her sister walk into the show, beautifully dressed and smiling.

The hostess said: “A warm welcome to Anna Stone, whose designs have been nominated for this year’s global awards after earning more than $200 million in just a year. So tell me the news, Anna!”

Anna was glowing! She looked like a movie star, thought Clara. She was talking, explaining, and Clara heard the words 'TV show.’


Anna became rich and successful | Photo: Pexels

“I’ve just been offered a deal for a TV show where I’ll be working with the celebrities and designing dresses for them,” Anna said. “I just wish my mother was here with me today. These designs ... I could have never come up with it if it hadn’t been for her. The designs she left for me as inheritance is the reason I’m here today.”


The hostess was smiling: “Oh, that’s beautiful, Anna. The vintage collection does look gorgeous!”

“Gorgeous? Beautiful?” Clara was furious. “Those designs are mine too! It’s our mother’s. How can she make fame out of it all alone?” she screamed at the TV and immediately called the family lawyer.

“Mr. Carter, I want to sue my sister! She’s making millions out of our mother’s designs.”

Clara decided to sue Anna, but karma caught up with her soon | Photo: Pexels


“Your mother’s designs? Wait, are you referring to the box of designs that you transferred to her via an agreement?”

“Yes, yes...” said Clara impatiently, “now, about the lawsuit...”

“I’m afraid that a lawsuit isn't possible, Miss Stone. You signed away all rights over the designs. It’s all hers,” the lawyer said and disconnected the call.

That day, Clara learned that sometimes life has unexpected twists and turns, and she was on the wrong side of karma.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Creativity can convert ideas into success. Anna recreated her mother’s old designs into a vintage collection and earned millions for it.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover. Clara gave up the designs thinking it was useless, but the same designs made Anna rich and famous.

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