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‘Pregnant Man’ Thomas Beatie Married His Kids’ Preschool Director After Divorce From Their Mom

Joe Akins
Aug 06, 2021
10:41 A.M.
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Thomas Beatie became a popular name when he was labeled a "pregnant man" after conceiving and bearing his children. Unfortunately, after his newly found fame, things turned for the worse in his marriage.


It was in 2008 that the world heard of a "pregnant man" who bore his children. Thomas Beatie became the flag bearer of the transgender community, but a few years later, his marriage to his ex came crumbling down.

Just as his fame spread like wildfire, so did the story of his messy divorce from his then-wife Nancy. After their divorce, Beatie was granted custody of their children and later found love in the most unlikely place.

Thomas Beatie and Amber Nicholas are seen during a photo session October 29, 2012. | Photo: Getty Images



Beatie and his first wife were together when he began his much-publicized journey as a transgender person. The former couple got married in 2003 and made headlines together for their childbearing stories.

Prior to his marriage to Nancy, Beatie, who was born as a woman, had already begun procedures for his sex to be changed. However, after undergoing several reconstructions, Beatie chose to retain his female reproductive organs.


Following their marriage in Hawaii, the couple struggled to have their own kids. Nancy, who was 12 years older than her then-husband, found it difficult, so Beatie decided to step in and birth the kids himself.

Soon controversial pictures of the 47-year-old cradling his growing bump became famous. The transgender community saw it as a big victory, and soon most platforms wanted his face for an interview.


Beatie sat with the best of the best in many shows, from Oprah, Larry King, Barbara Walters, and the David Letterman shows. He also appeared on People magazine and was satirized on "Saturday Night Live" and "South Park."

He wrote a book detailing his experience as a dad who bore his children. He became a speaker, championing the course of the transgender community. Unfortunately, with his newly found fame came the decline of his marriage.


In 2012, things had gotten heated between Beatie and his long-time wife. Shocking footage of Nancy violently attacking her husband and mishandling her children emerged, and soon after, Beatie wanted out of the marriage.

After that, an acrimonious split ensued between the former couple as they engaged in a bitter and messy divorce. In 2013 a lower court judge denied Beatie's request for a divorce and ruled that Arizona's ban on same-sex marriages prevented the marriage from being recognized as valid.


Beatie argued that Nancy was an alcoholic who posed a threat to his life. He recounted a moment where she punched him in the crotch in front of their kids and said he desperately wanted things to end.

The 47-year-old also filed for a restraining order against his former spouse, which limited their conversation via emails to just a few lines as anything more than that would earn Nancy some time in jail.

Finally, Beatie got his request for divorce granted, but he had to let go of his prized shark tooth collection, which was handed to Nancy. Beatie had amassed more than 70 shark's teeth, including a rare specimen from the long-extinct megalodon species.



These days, Beatie lives a relatively quiet life with his new wife and children, working as a stockbroker in Phoenix. But, from time to time, he still gets movie roles and speaking engagements.

The 47-year-old is enjoying a new life with his wife Amber, who he met at the daycare his children used to attend. Their romance began dramatically, but Beatie is glad he has found love and peace.

Beatie has since completed his gender realignment surgery and welcomed a child with his partner, which she gave birth to herself. The couple is happily living together, cherishing Beatie's contribution to the trans-community.