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Daily Joke: Brian Was Hired to Draw Lines on the Road

Afouda Bamidele
Jul 27, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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Brian secured a contract to paint lines on a road, and on the first day, he successfully painted 2 km of the road. His boss was very impressed, but as work continued the next day, he could complete only 1km of the road.


His boss wondered why he didn't cover as much distance as he did on the first day but gave him another chance. But on the third day, Brian painted only 500 m of the road, and his boss became very disappointed with his work.

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The boss believed Brian could do better, so he decided to give him one more chance. But by the fourth day, Brain could only paint 250 m of the road, and it now became apparent that every day his ability deteriorated.

At the end of the fourth day, his boss was so disappointed that he scolded him for his poor performance. His boss couldn't believe he painted 2km on the first day and 250 on the fourth day. So he asked Brian what was going on and Brian said:

"But boss, the distance to the paint bucket gets longer and longer every day."



A young lady was feeling sick, so she decided to see a doctor. When she got to the hospital, she complained about body pains, and the doctor asked her to specify the point where she felt the actual pain.

She said she felt pains all over her body and begged for the doctor's help. The doctor urged her to try and be more specific so he would know what treatment to administer.


She then poked her right knee with her index finger and yelled. She touched her left cheek, right elbow, and she continued shouting as she did so. The doctor looked at the young lady for a while and carefully revealed his diagnosis. He said:

"You have a broken finger."



Driving down road 101, north of Ventura, police officers discovered the mass death of crows along the road. The officers imminently thought this could be the result of avian flu. Concerned, they called a pathologist to examine the body of the crows.

Thankfully, when results came out, there was no evidence of avian flu, and the death seemed to have been caused by vehicle accidents. However, during the investigation, different colors were found on the beaks and claws of the birds.

It was confirmed that according to the paint residue on each bird, 980 died from motorcycle accidents while 20 died from cars. Investigators then introduced an ornithological behavioral pattern to determine the reason for more motorcycle to car accidents.


However, after proper scrutiny, the detectives concluded that whenever crows eat from the road, they always have a lookout crow who yelled "Cah," but no one could yell "bike."

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