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Daily Joke: Unofficial Laws That Work in Real Life

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 01, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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During our daily activities, we often experience certain occurrences that only happen at particular moments. Continue reading to find out what these situations are.


It is pretty hilarious how we experience certain circumstances and ponder on the reason why they happen. Apparently, some of those unexplainable situations are governed by laws and theorems.

This man ponders on how certain circumstances happen and on the reason they happen | Source: Shutterstock


Below are some laws and rules that have not been proven scientifically, do not make sense theoretically, yet remain undeniably true.

First, it always appears that whenever you switch queues, the one you left begins to move faster than the one you moved to. This experience is governed by O'brien's Variation Law.


Second, many people have noticed that whenever the apparent reason for being late to work is a flat tire, they get a flat tire the following day. This situation is explained by Cannon's Karmic Law.

Also, it happens that anytime you call a wrong number, you never get the one that is engaged. The law guiding this occurrence is called Kovac's Conundrum.


For Owen's Law, it is pretty impossible to deny that as soon as you get to the office and sit for a hot cup of coffee, your boss comes with a task to keep you busy till the coffee gets cold.

Meanwhile, Howden's Law applies to several people daily. This is when you only remember you have to mail a letter when you are close to the mailbox.


When you almost always meet someone you know when you're with someone you don't want to be seen with, this circumstance is explained by Ruby's Principle of Close Encounter.

Also, it is quite funny how your nose begins to itch when your hands become soiled with grease. Although nobody knows the reason, it is known as Lorenz's Law of Mechanical Repair.


Zadra's Law of Biomechanics states that how severe an itch will be is inversely proportional to the reach, while Bell's Theorems states that your phone often begins to ring once you are immersed in water.

Anthony's Law of the Workshop says that every time a tool is dropped, it will most likely roll to the farthest corner. Breda's Rule is one that only occurs at events or at any gathering when the people whose chairs are farthest from the aisle always arrive last.

Finally, for Willoughby's Law, when you try to prove to someone that a machine will not work, that's when it begins to work.

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