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Daily Joke: Boy Couldn’t Tell Doctor the Name of Game Where He Was Hit by a Ball

Ayesha Muhammad
Jul 30, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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One day, a boy was busy playing soccer with his friends. He was very sporty and made sure he didn't miss a single goal, no matter what happened. The boy was clearly leading his team by good points and scoring one goal after the other.


Much to the boy's surprise, the opposing team had an evil plan cooking, as they didn't want his team to win. They created obstacles for him and his teammates one after the other, preventing them from scoring enough goals for winning the match. However, the more they tried, the more they failed.

The ball hit the boy straight in the head, and he fell on the ground. | Photo: Shutterstock

The ball hit the boy straight in the head, and he fell on the ground. | Photo: Shutterstock


Despite their efforts to keep the boy from scoring, his performance continued to improve, and it seemed as if it was fairly impossible to keep him from winning. But because the opposing team was unwilling to lose that easily, one of their players blind-sided the boy just when he was about to score another goal.

As a result, the ball hit him straight in his head, and he lay flat on the ground. His friends ran to his rescue and freaked out because he was unconscious. When his mother came and saw him lying on the ground, she was worried sick and called the doctor immediately. He told her to bring the boy to the hospital.

Eventually, the boy gained consciousness and was surprised to find himself on a hospital bed. He saw his worried mother beside him, after some time, a doctor entered the room and informed him that he wished to ask a few questions.

The doctor entered the room and told the boy he wished to ask some questions for ease of diagnosis. | Photo: Shutterstock

The doctor entered the room and told the boy he wished to ask some questions for ease of diagnosis. | Photo: Shutterstock

"How are you feeling now?" asked the doctor.

"I feel fine," replied the boy.


"Good. Now tell me, How many fingers am I holding up?" asked the doctor.

"Five," answered the boy.

"Hmmm...What color is my shirt?" inquired the doctor.

"White," said the boy.

"Alright, and what is the name of the sport with a black and white ball?" asked the doctor.

The kid was silent.

"Sorry, did you say something?" said the doctor.

"I don't remember," stated the boy.


The doctor seemed confused at the boy's response, took a closer look at him, and rephrased his question. "What is the name of the sport where you hit a ball over a net?"

"I don't remember," replied the boy.

"Well, what sport were you playing when you got hit?" asked the doctor again.

The kid remained silent.

After questioning the boy, the doctor left the room, and an hour later, the diagnosis came in. Apparently, the boy had "sport term memory loss."


What did you think of this joke? If it made you giggle, you might want to check this one about a psychiatrist who conducted a therapy support session with four young mothers and their kids, sharing some interesting observations backed by evidence.

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