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Daily Joke: Farmer and His Son on a Haycart See a Headless Horseman

Laura Beatham
Jul 31, 2021
02:30 A.M.
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A farmer and his son were driving on their haycart towards town when the farmer's eyes went as wide as dinner plates as he saw a headless horseman ride past them.


The father quickly looked behind him to confirm what he saw, but he only saw his son sitting at the back of the cart. Thinking it was only his imagination, the father put the thought aside and kept driving their haycart to town.

The farmer was stunned by the sight of the horsemen! | Photo: Shutterstock


After a few more minutes, another headless horseman rode past them. The farmer quickly turned his head to look, but he only saw his son alone at the back of the cart.

Not being able to do anything about the situation, the farmer and his son continued their journey. However, after another 10 minutes, another headless horseman rode past them.

Finally, the farmer realized what was going on. He turned behind and saw his son sitting at the back of the cart and said, "Son! Stop playing with the scythe!"

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The knight was ready for his crusade. | Photo: Pexels/Helena Lopes


One day a brave knight was preparing to go on a big crusade. He got his horse ready, packed grains and water for the travel, and shined up his strongest boots.


He did not know when he would be back, and he worried that his wife would not be faithful. So he put an iron chastity belt on her and gave the keys to his best friend, Kevin.

"Kevin, if I don't come back in two years, you can unlock her," the knight said to his best friend. Kevin agreed, so the brave knight got on his big strong horse and rode out into the big barreling hills.

Why would the knight give the keys to Kevin? | Photo: Pixabay/LoggaWiggler


He galloped towards the hill and looked back at his beloved little village, worried that he may never return. He stared out for a couple of seconds and then noticed a big cloud of dust headed his way.

He heard the galloping of horses and decided to wait and see what was going on. Eventually, the knight realized it was Kevin and a crew of other horsemen.

When Kevin reached the knight, he said, "You gave me the wrong keys."

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