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Daily Joke: To Improve Employee Efficiency Company Introduced a New Restroom Policy

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 02, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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An organization recorded a low level of productivity from workers at the end of the month, and this caused some worry. After investigating what the problem could be, the management discovered the employees were slacking on their duties.


They also discovered that the workers wasted time visiting the restroom for more extended periods than average. The management thought of a solution and came up with a new restroom policy.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


The restroom policy was created as a method to account for every workers' restroom time, as well as curtailing the possible excesses. It was also a way to ensure equal treatment of all employees.

The restroom's policy details included a Restroom Trip Bank that was established to account for every employee. At the beginning of every month, all employees would be given twenty restroom trip credits.

The credits may be accumulated as time goes on. Within the duration of four to six weeks, the doors to the restrooms would feature personal identification stations and computer-wired voice recognition devices.

With the recognition devices in place, all employees would provide two-voice print passes, one that was normal and another done under duress. The prints would be submitted to the human resources department.


The voiceprints will be given on full access to employees without restrictions, and as each employee uses the print, the Restroom Trip Bank balance drops.

If at any point, the balance reaches zero, any employee with such would not be allowed into the restroom. It would remain so until the next month when credits would be given again.

A retracted toilet paper device.| Photo: Pexels

A retracted toilet paper device.| Photo: Pexels


Also, a toilet paper retraction device would be placed in each bathroom stall. This is to curtail the time spent in the bathroom. For example, if an employee stays inside a stall for more than three minutes, the toilet paper would be retracted. The toilet will flush, and the bathroom door will open.

If the employee refuses to leave, the person's picture would automatically be taken and posted on the bulletin board. This bulletin board is located in the Employee Relations Office, where staff members would monitor how pictures come in. If a person's picture appeared three times, the person would be fired.

With all these outlined, any employee who had an objection was directed to ask their supervisor. However, this should not be done without first reading the supervisor's questions policy.

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