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Woman Doesn't Invite Her Parents to Her Wedding — Here's Why

Dayna Remus
Aug 03, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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When Marnie met Thomas, she thought he was the perfect match but her mother and father were not impressed. They went to extreme measures to put a stop to the couple's betrothal.


After leaving a failed relationship, Marnie finally ran into Thomas, and the two were instantly besotted with one another. Unfortunately, her parents weren't as enamored.

According to Marnie, it took quite a while before she found her current husband, having met some questionable men along the way. This is why she was over the moon when he walked into her life.

A bride and groom kissing. │Source: Shutterstock

A bride and groom kissing. │Source: Shutterstock


She expressed that Thomas was forthright with her, letting her know that he had children and had gone through two divorces. She did not mind, but her mother objected, with Marnie reporting her mom's words as:

“What are you doing with a man who’s been divorced twice? He must have a pattern and will divorce you once you have children.”

Unfortunately, her father also disapproved of the pairing. This was because her now-husband has a sordid professional history and is over a decade older than her.


Although her parents had their criticisms, she chose to stay with him, and very soon after they met, the two got engaged. Unfortunately, her mother and father's reaction to this news was extreme.

Marnie stated that her mother expressed that she was making a terrible decision. Her father went as far as to say he would take her out of his will.

When it was clear that her parents were not going to change their minds, Marnie made the difficult decision of not inviting them to her wedding. According to her, after a year of marriage, she has only seen her parents once.


Leaving one's parents out of one's wedding isn't unheard of. After suffering years of abuse from her mother, Callie Little decided not to invite her mother to her special day, expressing:

"I couldn’t grow with her claws under my skin, pulling me into her own aching depression."

Little grew up essentially looking after herself due to her dad's absence and her mother's sickness and depression which rendered her incapable. However, it was her mother's verbal and sometimes physical abuse that hurt the most.


Eventually, Little left her hometown, starting afresh in Santa Cruz, where she met her future husband. After a few years, she and her mother spoke on the phone when she referred to Little as an"idiot."

This was the last straw, so she cut her mother out of her life; when she eventually got married, she chose not to invite her. A fortnight before the wedding, she learned her mother had terminal cancer.

Little still chose not to keep in contact with her mother and leave her out of the wedding. A year later, her mom passed away, and although she did grieve heavily, Little did gain a sense of emotional freedom from her death.


LMFT Shannon Kalberg confirmed that it is quite common for couples to stress over whether to invite their parents to their weddings. One usual reason is that they may be prone to make a scene.

The other Redditors were unimpressed, referring to her as a "bridezilla."

This, she says, can range from drunken fights to objecting at the ceremony. Making this type of decision, she said, can bring up childhood pain, and so it's suggested to have a therapeutic professional at hand.


It may be slightly strange for couples not to invite their parents to their weddings; however, the internet became outraged after learning about the odd decision of a particular bride.

This wife-to-be decided to charge people to attend her wedding, even charging single people extra. She posted a question to a wedding group that was then shared on Reddit, asking everyone if they were also making their guests pay.

The other Redditors were unimpressed, referring to her as a "bridezilla." Charge or no charge, parents or no parents, the actual journey occurs after the wedding bells have rung.

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