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Daily Joke: Man Was Driving Home Late at Night

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 05, 2021
10:40 P.M.
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A man had a long day at work and even had to stay back after closing hours. He had a lot of extra work spilling over from last weekend, and he needed to finish up.


After about three more hours, he was done with the voluminous extra work and office files. He breathed a deep sigh of relief, ready to head home. He quickly packed up his suitcase and headed for the parking lot.

As he started navigating out of the parking lot, the car suddenly coughed up smoke and stopped working. The man could not believe the undesirable turn of events as he hit the steering wheel in frustration.

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He got out of the car and proceeded to see what the problem was. Being an experienced car owner, it did not take him long to discover the issue. However, it took him more hours to fix it.

When he was done and the car finally started working, it was way past midnight. The man became so angry because he needed to get home on time because his wife would be worried.

She had also made dinner, and he knew she would be up, waiting for him so that he could have dinner. He quickly drove out of his office and veered into the highway road that led to his home.


When he got on the bridge, he found out that the road signs and street lamps were no longer there because of the storm from the previous week. He continued driving as he used his headlight as an alternative.

However, when he almost got to the other end of the bridge, he noticed two people were standing far off in white outfits. They also seemed to be raising some signs.

The man drove closer to them and saw that the two were holding up signs with the words, "The End Is Near" and "It's Not Too Late to Turn Back." The man's anger went a notch higher.


When he was within earshot, he clamped on his brakes and shouted at them, saying, "Get lost, you religious nuts!" He continued and turned to the corner.

However, as he disappeared through the corner, there was a loud screech of tires and an even louder thump and splash into the water. One of the men holding the signs looked at the other and said:

"Maybe we should simply write, 'Warning: Bridge Ahead Closed'"

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