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Daily Joke: Man Passed a Traffic Camera and Saw It Flash

Afouda Bamidele
Jan 13, 2021
07:50 A.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a man who passed a traffic camera and saw it flash and became bothered about what caused it to flash that he chose to do something drastic.


A man named John was driving down the road to attend his daily meetings when he passed a traffic camera and noticed it flash. He couldn’t understand what could have gone wrong to make the camera flash.

He was going at the appropriate speed limit and couldn’t get why he was flagged down. Determined to find out what happened, John drove back the same path, hoping to find out the problem.

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He drove slower this time, and to his surprise, the traffic camera flashed again. Now, John was losing it. He was livid as he was slower this time. Why in the world would the camera flash again at his vehicle?

John didn’t give in and again drove back the same path. This time, he went super slow, going at a snail’s pace while looking at the camera, and to his utmost surprise, it flashed for the third time. John was frustrated.


He simply shook his head and concluded that the camera was faulty before heading on the route to his home. Everything was fine at home until about four weeks after the incident when John received mail.

To his surprise, it was three traffic fines. John quickly opened the envelope to find out that he was fined for not wearing a seat belt for his three drives. Who could believe it? A similar joke tells a story about an officer doing his rounds.


The officer named Peter was doing his usual rounds in the United States, where he works. He was working during his normal shift when he spotted a speeding car passing the limit. He immediately pulled the driver over.

He looked over at the driver from a distance and believed it was a reckless man. On getting to the window, he discovered that it was a woman and was surprised. Rather than have her hands on the wheel, the woman was knitting.


She kept on with her business as though he wasn’t next to her, trying to catch her attention with his torchlight, ignoring the siren behind her. The officer was furious and knocked harder at the door, but the woman still ignored him.

The officer couldn’t contain his anger and knocked even harder before turning on the loudhailer to shout at the woman. He said to her, "pull over." The woman, stunned by the loud noise, yelled back at him, “no, it’s a scarf!”

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