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Daily Joke: Three Guys Try to Trick a Guard during a Prison Break

Laura Beatham
Aug 04, 2021
07:00 A.M.
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Three prisoners decided they would break out of prison. They prepared for many months and figured they could jump the wall during their outside recreational time and run to the woods.


So on one cloudy day, they made their escape. The three men got other prisoners to distract the guards while they jumped the fence next to the woods. However, a guard up in the prison tower spotted them and followed them into the woods.

Would the guard find them? | Photo: Shutterstock


One of the prisoners noticed that a guard had followed them, so he shouted to the other two prisoners, "Hey, there's a guard on our trail! Quick! Climb up the nearest tree!"

So the three men each climbed up a separate tree. The guard suddenly ran into the clearing with the trees. He walked up to the first tree, and the first prisoner went, "Chirp! Chirp!"

Believing there was only a bird in the tree, the guard moved on to the second tree. The second prisoner noticed how successful the first prisoner was, so he went, "Meow! Meow!"

Realizing there was only a cat in the tree, the guard moved on to the third tree. The guard looked up into the tree and screamed to the branches, "I know you're up there! You better come down!


The third prisoner was silent for a few seconds as he racked his brain to figure out what sound to make. He finally thought of one and let out a roaring, "Mooooooooo!"

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Many people were escaping from the war camp. | Photo: Pixabay/Jordan Holiday



A German prisoner-of-war camp had a major problem with people escaping, so they came up with a plan. They would give the prisoners mindless tasks to do to prevent them from trying to escape.

For the first task, the prisoners were instructed to stand together shoulder to shoulder in a straight line. Then they had to move their head from left to right while saying, "tick-tock, tick-tock."

For a few days, the prisoners listened and were doing the task correctly. However, one prisoner started to rebel. When the guards walked away from him, he would start saying "tick, tick, tick," as a small sign of rebellion.


The prisoner found a way to rebel against the guards. | Photo: Pixabay/Tumisu

The prisoner got away with it, and others even started joining him for the next few weeks. However, a young prisoner noticed their small rebellion and told the senior captain who said he would handle it.

So one day during the exercise, the captain pulled the rebels aside and said, "Rebels. Vell, don't vorry. Ve have vays of making you tock."

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Source: Reddit and Upjoke.