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Daily Joke: Soldier Informs His Commander That a Bridge Is Impassable for Military Infantry

Busayo Ogunjimi
Aug 04, 2021
07:40 A.M.
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A military unit was once on the field for a mission, and the commander sent a scout to observe the condition of a nearby bridge and report back to the unit.


Shortly after he was sent out, the scout returned to the commander with his report. He said, "The bridge is passable for vehicles but not for people on foot."

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Surprised, his commander asked him what he meant by the bridge being passable for vehicles but not for people on foot.

He asked if he meant the other way around, and the scout said, "No, no, sir. At the bridge, there is a large dog that is loudly barking."

A soldier holding a combat rifle | Photo: Flickr



One day, a military commander asked his soldiers to gather, and he told them that the first person who got rid of the mole in his garden would get a promotion.

Quickly, one of the soldiers caught the mole and presented it to the commander. He asked the commander what he should do with the mole, and the commander said:

"Oh well, that mole made a hell of a mess in my garden... so please, punish it with the worst thing you can think of."


The soldier returned to the garden and returned to the commander a few hours later. The commander then asked him what he did to the mole, and the soldier burst into laughter and assured his commander he did the worst thing imaginable. He then asked his commander to take a guess.

The commander asked if he cut the mole into pieces while it was still conscious, and the soldier replied that he did something worse than that to the mole.

Then, after a pause, the commander asked the soldier if he fed the mole to the dog, and the soldier said he did something worse. Irritated, the commander asked what he did to the mole, and the soldier said,


"I buried it alive!"

Enjoyed the two jokes? Here is another interesting one about an army private at a camp who constantly sought permission to leave.

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