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Daily Joke: 2 Men Die and Go to Heaven, but One of Them Bites the Forbidden Apple

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 08, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Two men, Bob and Joe, have tried to overcome all forms of temptation ever since they grew into their teenage years. They remained free from sin for several years and were even virgins.


However, something quite strange happened to the two. Joe and Bob coincidentally died the same day and went up to heaven. When they entered the celestial gates, God introduced them to their new world.

God congratulated them for successfully making it to the holy lands. He explained that they now had the opportunity to enjoy eternal life singing and enjoying with the angels, but warned them of one rule.

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God said they could have everything they wanted, but Joe and Bob could not eat apples from the forbidden tree. As God pointed to the tree filled with mouth-watering fruits, Joe asked if anything would happen if someone ate from the tree.

God replied that they would still be allowed to stay in heaven, but he would get very annoyed. However, before God left the two, he noted that he was aware that Joe and Bob were virgins and would reward them for their years of holiness. God promised to give them a wife each.

But as God disappeared from their presence, Bob assumed he wasn't watching, so he sneaked to the tree and took a big bite from the forbidden apple.


He ate the whole thing only to turn around and find God already standing behind him, and panicked. God got angry, but because Bob couldn't be punched or chased out of heaven, he thought of something else to do.


As God couldn't also take back his promise of a wife, he decided to get Bob an ugly, disgusting wife who would make heaven feel like hell for Bob. God angrily noted that Bob would never enjoy his time with her.

After addressing Bob's disobedience, God turned to Joe and stated that he had earned himself a beautiful and elegant bride because he was obedient. God noted that she was his perfect match as he presented her to the already happy man.


When God left again, Joe turned to his soon-to-be wife and held her hands before he said with dreamy eyes that she looked more stunning than he had imagined.

He also noted that he wasn't sure he deserved a person as beautiful as she was. However, with scorn, the lady removed her hands from his grip and stepped back a little with a look of disgust on her face before she said:

"I also don't know why God assigned me to be with you. All I did was eat from the forbidden apple tree."

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