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Woman Looks Barely Recognizable after Stunning Weight Loss

Bettina Dizon
Aug 05, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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Chantelle Sorec shared her incredible weight loss story, motivated by the bullies who mercilessly teased her for being obese in school.


Chantelle Sorec had always been on the chubby side growing up, but it wasn’t until she saw a photo of herself that she decided to change completely.

She has made a significant improvement since changing her lifestyle, including dropping five dress sizes. Now a fitness enthusiast, Sorec serves as an inspiration to many.

Chantelle Sorec smiles in a side-by-side photo, showing her incredible weight loss. | Source: instagram.com/chan.sorec1



By the time Sorec turned 16 years old, she was a size 20, with some of her schoolmates making fun of her. In a previous interview, she shared:

“I was just sat there in a classroom wearing a skirt, and he said something like ‘your legs look like tree trunks’ [...] It was then basically a nickname for me which obviously hurt. [sic]”

Whenever the classmate saw Sorec, he would call her “tree trunk legs" in the hallways. Meanwhile, she just looked down and hoped no one would follow his lead. It may have been a funny moniker for the bully, but it was one that stuck with Sorec forever.



The 22-year-old received many mean and hurtful comments that heightened her insecurities. In another instance, Sorec recalled being picked on every time she ate, despite her healthy food choices. She shared:

“I was sitting down, and they made a point saying ‘I’m surprised you fit the chair’ and they made a comment about a skirt I wore once saying ‘that skirt doesn’t even fit you.’”

Another time, another boy remarked that her stomach rolls looked like a “cheeseburger.” The harsh comments made Sorec hate herself and avoid revealing any skin. In particular, she stopped wearing skirts or dresses to hide her legs.



However, this also served as her biggest motivator to lose weight. Her lifestyle slowly changed, beginning with taking walks with her sister and choosing healthier food.

Styer weighed 363 pounds after struggling with obesity since her younger years.

Currently, Sorec is a size ten and has been taking fitness seriously, hoping that she could help others gain the confidence she did after losing weight.



There are several fad diets online that people rave about to lose weight, but at the end of the day, it is all about being on a caloric deficit and making conscious decisions.

Health professionals also recommend eating slowly to give the brain time to process when the body is full. Writing food consumption on paper or through a fitness app can also help track calories.

Accompanying a healthy diet, there should be exercising. Regardless of what it may be, any movement will make a difference on the scale and in the body.


Many successful weight loss stories have surfaced on the internet and inspired others, including Adrianna Styer’s incredible success after dropping nearly 200 pounds in a year.

Styer weighed 363 pounds after struggling with obesity since her younger years. Like Sorec, she also had bullies who teased her at school but found her motivation to start a healthier lifestyle.

Several celebrities have also been an inspiration to others who want to shed off the extra weight, including Kelly Osbourne, Rebel Wilson, and Adele.


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