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Daily Joke: 3 Gentlemen on a Plane Began Guessing Where They Were Flying Over

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 14, 2021
09:20 A.M.
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One fine day, three millionaires were flying together in a private jet. During the flight, they kept conversing about a myriad of topics, from business and politics to entertainment, and a lot more.


After a long and formal conversation, they soon became good friends and started talking in a more casual tone. They even cracked jokes and shared hilarious personal incidents.

Three millionaires were flying together in a private jet. | Photo: Shutterstock


Finally, they came to a point in the journey where they were out of topics to discuss.

“I think we seemed to have discussed pretty much everything. I’m out of ideas now, friends. Any suggestions?” asked one gentleman.

“I might have an idea,” said the second gentleman. “How about we try to figure out where in the world we are traveling right now?”

The other two millionaires happily agreed and the three of them began deciphering their current location of travel.

"I think we are in New York. Wait, let me confirm it for you guys," said the first gentleman. He then opened the window and snuck his arm out.


The first gentleman put out his arm and confirmed they were flying over New York. | Photo: Unsplash

"See. I was right. I just touched the torch of the Statue of Liberty!" screamed the first gentleman in sheer excitement.


Soon afterward, they closed the airplane's window and continued traveling. After a few hours, the same question popped up again. This time around, the second gentleman was eager to give it a try, and said, "I think, we're in Dubai right now. Wait, let me check." He then opened the window and put his arm out.

"Yes, folks. Dubai it is! I just touched the pinnacle of the Burj Khalifa!" announced the second gentleman.

Another gentleman snuck out his arm and said they were flying over Dubai. | Photo: Unsplash


After closing the airplane's window, the millionaires continued traveling like before. After some time, the same question was repeated, and this time, it was the turn of the third gentleman.

"It's my turn now, guys," said the third gentleman. He opened the window, put his arm out, and said, "We're in Rio, my friends!"

"You touched the Christ, didn't you?" asked the first gentleman.

"Absolutely not. My hand didn't touch anything," replied the third gentleman.

"So, how do you know we're in Rio?" asked the second gentleman.


The third gentleman informed the others that they were flying over Rio. | Photo: Unsplash

"That was easy. When I pulled my arm back, my Rolex was gone!" answered the third gentleman.

The three millionaires had an absolutely hilarious way of finding out which country they were flying over!


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