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Daily Joke: Two Brothers Arguing about Grandma's Christmas Presents

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 13, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Two brothers went to visit their grandmother for Christmas. When they arrived at her place, the older woman welcomed them with a big hug before giving them their presents.


The younger brother opened his present and found a nicely knitted scarf in it. His older brother, on the other hand, got a card that said "Merry Christmas." He wasn't delighted, but he returned the older woman's smile before he went to join his little brother.

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However, that night before they slept, the older boy complained that their grandmother loved him less. His little brother argued and noted that the older woman loved them both equally.

They argued back and forth for a while, and the bigger brother confirmed that their grandma always gave him cards every Christmas while the other boy got presents.

He also noted that he used to get gifts when he was younger, but things changed after he became older. He told his little brother that he was so sure he would continue receiving a card. He even decided to place a bet on it and the two brothers agreed on $100 before they slept that night.


The following holiday season, the boys visited their grandma as usual. As they ran to the Christmas tree for their presents, the little boy spotted a big gift box with his brother's name on it. He rubbed his hands together, ready to claim his $100.


After dinner that day, everyone sat to open their presents, and the little boy happily teased his brother as he opened his package. The bigger boy's face lit up as he looked into the box.

The younger brother peeped into the box and laughed hard when he saw a sweater. He stretched his hands and demanded his money because his brother got a nice gift and not just a card this year.

But the older boy just smugly brought out the present and said, "No, I didn't. This isn't a sweater. I got a cardigan."


A man forgot to get his wife a present for their wedding anniversary. He didn't want his wife to know this, so when she asked for her gift, he lied that he planned on cooking any dish she wanted for their anniversary.


The woman who had always wanted to eat 'escargot' giggled as she told her husband to prepare the French dish for her. The dish was made out of snails, so the husband quickly rushed to a store to get the ingredients.


When he got back home, it was still quite early, so he went out to drink first before cooking dinner. When he got to the bar, he forgot about his dinner plan after his first drink, and it was already midnight before he remembered.

He quickly got up in his drunken state and ran out of the bar. When he got home, he almost made it to the door when he fell, and all the snails in the bag he held scattered on the ground.

As he knelt to pick them up, his wife opened the door looking angry. She asked why he came home so late, and the husband quickly took action. He looked at the snails and shouted, "Come on, guys, we're nearly there."


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