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Daily Joke: Pianist, Singer, and Drummer Take Part in Musical Contest

Comfort Omovre
Aug 10, 2021
09:00 A.M.
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After an orchestra concert, the event organizer walked up the stage and asked if any musician was present. Many members of the audience raised their hands, but the host randomly picked only three of them.


He invited the three persons he picked to the stage to partake in a quick quiz. The first person turned out to be a pianist, while the others were a singer and a drummer.

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The host explained the game to the musicians. He said a pianist from the orchestra would play a chord while the pianist, singer, and drummer would guess what chord it was.

He also said that to make things fair, two of the participants would wear noise-canceling headphones while the other guessed the right chord.

After the host explained the game's procedure, the orchestra's pianist played a chord. The pianist from the audience immediately guessed the right chord without a second thought.


His guess turned out to be the correct answer. The host was impressed, and the audience clapped for the pianist. The host presented the pianist with a small prize for his correct guess, after which the latter went back to his seat.

Afterward, the orchestra's pianist played another chord. The singer tried her luck at guessing the correct chord. She took some time to think about it before finally guessing the correct chord.

The host was impressed with the singer's answer and presented her with a small gift, after which the audience cheered her as she went back to her seat.

Finally, it was the drummer's turn to try his luck. He collected the microphone and waited for the orchestra's pianist to play the chord. After the chord was played, the drummer sat on stage and pondered what chord it was.


After thinking for many minutes, he asked if the pianist could play the chord a second time. The pianist agreed and played the chord again.

However, the drummer was still unsure about the correct answer and started sweating. He scratched his face now and again and thought deeply. Finally, after more serious contemplations, he muttered:

"Umm...A piano?"

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