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Steve Harvey's 3rd Wife Marjorie Looks Better than Ever Dancing in Black Mini Dress & Sneakers in New Video

Oyin Balogun
Aug 16, 2021
03:40 A.M.
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Steve Harvey's third wife, Marjorie, has discovered the fountain of life! She recently flaunted her vitality in a new Instagram video that saw her dancing in a gorgeous outfit. Meet the woman who has held down the famous comedian for years.


Marjorie Harvey is only a couple of years shy of sixty; however, thanks to her good genes, she still acts and looks like a woman half that age.

It is a phenomenon her fans are well aware of; how could they not be? The gorgeous woman is no stranger to the camera, and her social media feeds are inundated with quite a lot of pictures of her.

Steve Harvey speaks onstage at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 3, 2017 | Photo: Getty Images


One of her most recent posts on Instagram was a video clip that captured her dancing with other people outdoors. She looked wonderful in the clip dressed as she was in a black mini dress coupled with a pair of white sneakers.

The dance was identified as "Zekete" by Lasizwe, a South African TV personality present in the video. It saw the participants follow a prearranged sequence of movements that may have hiked up Marjorie's Dress just a little bit to expose more toned flesh.


Her hair was secured in a single ponytail, and she accessorized with large tinted shades, a stylish watch, and oversized hoop earrings. The video had no caption; however, Marjorie's fans had a lot to say about it.

Among them was Beyonce's mother, Tina Lawson, who noted that she looked like a "teenager." Fans from South Africa, where the dance is common, were impressed by how easily Marjorie seemed to pick up the steps.


One user admitted that she "killed it" before confessing that some of them in the country still have problems getting the dance right. However, many mirrored the sentiment, and all agreed that she was great.

The beautiful woman has been with Steve for more than a decade now, and it doesn't seem like they'll be splitting up anytime soon. Here are a few details concerning their union.

A fan's comment on Marjorie Harvey's Instagram post | Photo: Instagram/marjorie_harvey



Marjorie and Steve have revealed how they met in the past; their romance reportedly started to blossom at one of his comedy shows in Memphis. According to her, she had been late, and when she entered, Steve went quiet and just kept staring at her.

The talented show host once revealed one of their secrets — selective amnesia.

After the pause, which he has confessed was him holding his breath, Steve apologized then declared that though he had no idea who she was, he would marry her. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tina Knowles's comment on Marjorie Harvey's Instagram post | Photo: Instagram/marjorie_harvey



Before Steve met the woman he would eventually call the love of his life, he had already been to the altar two times, and so had she. His first wife was Marcia Harvey, and they had three kids together before their divorce.

His second wife is Mary Shackelford; they were married for nine years and share only one child. Marjorie entered her relationship with the famous comedian with three kids whom he adopted and raised as his own.

She and Steve tied the knot on June 25, 2007, and have remained inseparable ever since. The two now have five grandkids whom they dote on, and life couldn't be better.


A fan's comment on Marjorie Harvey's Instagram post | Photo: Instagram/marjorie_harvey


Given how long-lived their relationship is, Steve and Marjorie have been frequently asked in the past what the secret is, and sometimes they respond.


The talented show host once revealed one of their secrets — selective amnesia. As far as Steve is concerned, everything that happened in his wife's life before he met her does not exist.

It is a simple way to avoid all the extra baggage people tend to drag with them into new relationships, and it has certainly been working for the famous pair.