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Daily Joke: Mother of 8 Boys from New York Applies for Social Security Benefits

Afouda Bamidele
Aug 20, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A mother of eight children living in New York was tired of carrying the responsibilities of her large family alone. This prompted her to visit the social security office to avail of benefits.


When she got to the office, she saw a few people in the queue and quickly joined. It soon became her turn, and the social security registrar asked her some questions.

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The registrar asked her how many children she had, and the woman noted that her children were eight. Next, the registrar asked for their names, and the mom mentioned that her first child was John.

The register wrote this down and asked for the second child's name. The woman replied, "John." The officer looked up and asked again to be sure, and the woman shared the same answer.

When asked for the name of her third child, the woman mentioned that it was John. This time, the officer dropped her pen in shock. She asked the mom-of-8 the names of her other sons, and the mom told her they were all named John.

Waiting patiently and about to give the registrar a shocker | Photo: Shutterstock


By now, the registrar was in awe of the woman's confidence, so she exclaimed and curiously asked if the names would not be confusing for her. The woman explained:

"If anything, it makes it easier. When it's dinner time, I just say, 'Come over, John, it's dinner time!' And they all rush to the dinner table. When it's bedtime, I just say, 'Time for bed, John!' And they all go to bed."

The registrar agreed it was indeed a good strategy. However, she asked again how the woman navigated it if she wanted to speak with her sons individually. The mom replied, "That's easy. I just call them by their father's surname."



A security guard was resuming his shift for the night when he noticed that his boss was still at the office working. He approached him and asked why he was working late.

The boss replied that he had extra work to do and had a planned trip to Europe with his family the following day. When the guard was about to end his shift, he saw his boss leaving the office.

He quickly walked up to him and told his boss not to travel that day, explaining he had a dream that the plane would crash. The boss did not reply, but he also did not travel that day.


After a few days, the boss came back to the office and went straight to the guard. He explained that he did not travel that day and the plane indeed crashed.


The boss thanked the guard for saving his life but simultaneously told him that he was fired. This made the guard stop on his tracks and ask why this was so. The boss replied:

"Because you were certainly sleeping on your shift!

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Source: Reddit.com, Upjoke.com

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