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Daily Joke: Teacher Is Surprised by Little Johnny's Example of Food

Laura Beatham
Aug 22, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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One day, Little Johnny was in class, and the principal was observing the lesson. The teacher asked the student to give examples of food they always had at home. So the students raised their hands and shared their answers.


Littler Mary said, "We always have pears, miss!"

Little Johnny's answer was very interesting! | Photo: Shutterstock

Timmy answered, "Bananas, miss!"


Sara shared, "Oh, we always have a loaf of bread!"

It went on like this for a while, with different students sharing examples of food. "Yes, those are all great examples," said the teacher, as she was ready to move on to her next question.

However, the principal noticed that Little Johnny had raised his hand, so the principal said, "Let's hear what Little Johnny has to say."

"Light blubs, miss," Little Johnny remarked.

"Light bulbs? " the principal asked with a laugh, "Now, where did you even hear that?"


Little Jonny was convinced he was right, so he explained to the class, "Well, last night, before going to sleep. I heard my mommy tell my daddy to switch the light blub off so she can take it in her mouth!"

Little Jonny probably should not have heard that!

Another light bulb joke below! | Photo: Pixabay/Денис Марчук



A student named Kevin was doing an oral exam with his Philosophy professor. Unfortunately, it was not going well. Kevin had not studied at all and could not answer even the easiest questions.

His professor felt sorry for him, so he gave him one last chance, "Okay, Kevin, if you do not answer this last question right, you will have to retake the exam. How many light bulbs are in this room?"

Kevin started to smile as he looked towards the ceiling and counted the light bulbs, "There are four, professor!"

The professor chuckled and said, "Wrong!"


Would the professor outsmart the student? | Photo: Pixabay/Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke

He then took out a fifth light bulb from his briefcase and said, "There are five light bulbs in this room. I'll see you next week for the re-do. Please study this time."


The re-do of the exam came, and this time Kevin felt prepared. At the end of the exam, the professor asked him again, "So how many light bulbs are in this room?"

Kevin responded, knowing the professor's trick, "There are five light bulbs in this room!"

"Wrong again!" said the professor, "I don't have one in my bag this time!"

"Well," Kevin said, as he reached into his bag, "I brought one!" and he pulled a light bulb from his backpack.

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Source: Reddit and Upjoke.

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