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Daily Joke: Man With a Duck on His Head Visits the Doctor

Ayesha Muhammad
Aug 28, 2021
10:20 P.M.
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A man was coming back after a long and exhausting workday. But before heading home, he decided to stop by a park for some fresh air and began strolling around, enjoying the breathtaking view.


It was a breezy evening in late spring and the park was full of greenery and colorful flowers. The birds were chirping in the trees and squirrels were running around, chasing one another as they took their turns to climb the tallest trees.

The man would soon get into trouble with a duck. | Photo: Shutterstock


"It feels so good to be here. I can't even recall the last time I took a walk in nature. So refreshing!" thought the man.

He kept walking around the park, appreciating nature in all its entirety. After some time, he sat down on a bench and saw other people around him relaxing and benefiting from all the greenery around.

"I should do this more often," said the man to himself. "This is the best way to unwind after a long and tiring day at work."

Soon, the man found himself laying on the green grass beneath him and staring at the wide cloud above his head. He watched as the sun's rays began to dim and the light in the sky was slowly fading away to a dull, grey color.


To his surprise, he had spent almost two hours going out and about in the park, and he didn't even notice the time. A part of him still wished to stick around and enjoy whatever was left of the day. But he knew his wife and children would be waiting for him.

The man was having a nice time in the park. | Photo: Pexels


He was about to get up and head home when he overheard an elderly couple talking about a pond with ducks.

"Oh, honey. I loved the ducks. Did you see how lovely they looked?" said the elderly lady, who couldn't stop gushing about the little creatures.

Out of sheer curiosity, the man started walking toward the pond and was mesmerized by the view. The ducks looked so adorable that he couldn't help himself and stopped for a couple of minutes to enjoy the view.

But before he could get going, his foot suddenly slipped and he fell into the pond. Unfortunately, when he came out of the water, there was a huge duck sitting on his head. No matter how hard he tried to get rid of the bird, his efforts went in vain.


"How do I get this bird off of my head?" thought the man.

The man hurried to the doctor who asked him what was wrong. | Photo: Pexels

Not having much luck on his own, he hurried to a nearby clinic and went straight inside the doctor's office. The doctor was amazed at the man for barging into his office without an appointment.


"Excuse me. You cannot just enter my office like that!" said the doctor.

"I need your help," replied the man, desperate to get rid of the duck.

The doctor looked at the man and saw the duck on his head.

"So, what seems to be the problem?" asked the doctor.

But before the man could say a word, the duck replied, "Get this guy off my butt!"

We can feel for the poor duck!

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