Daily Joke: Three Rulers Test Their Bodyguards' Fidelity

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 28, 2021
11:20 P.M.

Three rulers had a long day at work, discussing the state of peace in their countries. Their quest for a solution was quite taxing, and they spent the whole day working.


After a long day, the three leaders headed to a pub to unwind and ordered many bottles of wine. The trio drank all night that they almost fell asleep on their feet.

Photo: Amomama

Photo: Amomama

At midnight, the three national leaders decided to head to their hotel. While they walked, their bodyguards stood behind, making sure their safety was guaranteed.

At one point, the leaders and their bodyguards came across a large hole in the road, and they wanted to know if it was deep or not. Not wanting to risk it themselves, they decided to ask their bodyguards.

The first ruler beckoned to his bodyguard and asked him to jump in. The security guard was terrified as he pleaded, "Please no, sir! I have a wife and children!"

Bodyguards waiting patiently for their bosses to be done | Photo: Shutterstock

Bodyguards waiting patiently for their bosses to be done | Photo: Shutterstock

At this, the first leader looked sober and did not ask the bodyguard again. So the second leader cleared his throat and asked his bodyguard to jump into the gaping hole.

The bodyguard was also very scared, as he pleaded with his boss, "Please, Sir. I have a wife and children waiting at home." The boss felt sorry for him and ordered him to stand back.

The third leader, a known dictator, had been quiet at first then he called on his guard and directed him to jump into the hole. Even before he completed the order, his bodyguard had jumped in.


The bodyguard discovered the hole was not too deep, and he called out to his leader with the feedback. The other two rulers were amazed by his bravery, and they all clapped for him.

One of them was curious and asked how the bodyguard managed to pull it off and show courage, and the bodyguard replied, "I have a wife and children."

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