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My Own Mom Said I’m Ugly

Salwa Nadeem
Aug 26, 2021
09:10 P.M.
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It's not easy for people to accept criticism, especially when it's related to their physical appearance, and it gets more problematic when it's coming from someone close to you. A girl opened up on the internet after her mother told her that she looks "ugly." It was getting difficult for her to get those words out of her mind.

Your physical appearance plays an essential role in boosting your confidence. It affects your self-esteem in many ways, and sometimes you don't even realize that's happening. If you step out of the house without brushing your hair, you will find yourself constantly fixing your hair with your hand because that makes you feel more confident.

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Some people find their natural appearance to be unattractive. They're not satisfied with how big their nose looks or how thin their lips are. Ultimately, most of these people go for surgeries to enhance their facial features because it helps boost their confidence. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 220,000 people opt for a

nose job

each year, which shows that many people are dissatisfied with their noses.

It's also safe to say that many people start feeling bad about their appearance after hearing negative comments from others. These negative comments have a more significant impact when coming from people close to you, such as your immediate family members. A similar case happened with a Redditor who asked the online community for help after her mother told her she's "ugly."

My Own Mom Said I'm Ugly


Mionki678 revealed that she got her nose bone straightened (septoplasty) because it was getting difficult for her to breathe, and her mother pointed out that the procedure made her nose look bigger. She stated that her mother didn't rudely say those words, but it still made her feel bad. She continued:

"I’ve gotten used to brushing those comments off but this ‘shes gotten so ugly’ has stuck with me for a while now. Who will find me beautiful if not my own mother?"

Those words made her cry while worrying about her physical appearance. She even compared herself to her sister, who has a smaller nose. The 19-year-old girl felt that her confidence shattered after hearing her mother's words. She mentioned that her brother had also started body-shaming her for having a healthy-looking body. All of these comments have made her believe that she is not pretty.


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Was it right for the mother to say something like this to her daughter? Considering that she's a teenager who can quickly lose her confidence after hearing such demeaning comments. The girl asked other Redditors to help her decide whether she should get a nose job, and they flooded the comments section with their opinions.

the_originalbookworm commented, "Most people are harsher on themselves than they need to be." They further added that it's essential to love yourself as you are, without feeling the need to change anything. Another Redditor commented that the girl's mother is at fault because she was emotionally abusing her daughter. They also suggested that the girl consult a therapist to cleanse her mind and get rid of the negative comments.


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Other users shared how their family members also say the same things to them, but they don't take their words seriously. It's important for people to love themselves the way they are and feel comfortable in their own skins. Other people's opinions can't determine a person's worth, and they should not let these comments affect their mental peace and wellbeing.

Some users suggested that the girl reply, "I got it from you," whenever her mother passes terrible comments about her looks. One user said that they do the same thing, and it has helped them. They shared that their mother laughed after hearing this and never passed any negative comments again.


My Mom Told Her Friend That I'm Ugly

A 14-year-old female Redditor read her mother's messages that she sent to a friend. The messages said that the mother thinks her children are not pretty and that the girl is uglier than her sister. She even mentioned how everyone around her keeps telling her that she isn't beautiful.


The messages made her upset because she never expected her mother to think like that. She always assumed that her mother thinks she is prettier than her sister, but those messages unveiled the bitter truth. The teenager asked other Redditors what she should do about this situation because she hasn't felt confident before.

Most users suggested that she stop thinking about her physical appearance and focus on something else. They told her to seek help from a therapist if needed or just ignore what other people think because it will affect her mental peace. nkdeck07 commented:

"You are 14 years old, you have literally no idea what you are going to look like into adult hood. Most 14 year olds are pretty unattractive and it's hard to judge what someone will look like once they are done growing."


The girl replied, saying that it's difficult not to focus on what other people say, but she will try her best to ignore their comments. She also added that she hopes to look better in the coming years. This post shows how negative comments can quickly destroy one's self-esteem.

My Daughter Is Unattractive

Another interesting post on Reddit will help you see the situation from the other side. A mother asked the online community how she should make her daughter feel pretty because she thinks her daughter is unattractive. At first, people might think that the mother is degrading her daughter, but as the post progresses, the reader discovers that the mother feels helpless because of how her daughter looks.


The 34-year-old lady mentioned that she got her daughter tested for disabilities because of her physical appearance. She and her husband thought their daughter had Down's syndrome or something similar, but the test results revealed that she was a normal child.


The mother continued saying that her daughter is intelligent and understands everything that's happening around her, but there is something wrong with the way she looks. She never makes her daughter feel bad about her physical appearance, but other children do, and that hurts her. She continued saying:

"I feel beyond awful that I feel this way. But, because she is such a wonderful person inside, it hurts me the more that her peers won't see past her physical appearance."

After reading the post, other Reddit users shared their thoughts and comforted the worried mother. One of them mentioned that they also looked different when they were a child, but growing up made their facial features change. "Hormones at puberty might kick in and just change her body style and face," said the Reddit user.


Another user suggested the mother wait until puberty hits her daughter because that might change the way she looks. They even said that she could consider plastic surgery as an option in the future if everything else fails. The online community sympathized with the mother and told her not to worry about her daughter's looks.


Your physical appearance surely affects your confidence and self-esteem because other people mostly judge you based on your looks. Even if you have the best personality, they will still measure your worth by looking at your physical appearance. Do you agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments. We'd love to know what you think.

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