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Daily Joke: Cops Can't Figure Out Who the Familiar Man in the Mirror Is

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 30, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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Two police officers on duty were walking across a busy road when they found a mirror. Curious, the first officer picked the object up and stared at it immensely.


As he looked into the object, he discovered that the person in the mirror looked very familiar, so he showed his colleague. The second policeman grabbed it and confirmed that the person indeed looked familiar.

He is about to get an hilarious answer to that question | Photo: Getty Images


The two decided to show their chief of police what they found. When they got to the police station and showed the chief the mirror, they asked if he knew the man in the mirror. And the chief said:

"Of course I know him! He always sits opposite me at the barber shop!"


Three ladies had a get-together over dinner in a restaurant. They were so excited they gave the waitress a handsome tip. Happy about the extra cash, the waitress decided to share a secret with the ladies.

She told them that there was a magical mirror in the bathroom. If one spoke the truth, the mirror would give a fantastic reward, but anyone who lied would disappear. Upon hearing this, the ladies decided to test the mirror.


While in the presence of the mirror, the first lady believed she was the most beautiful person in the restaurant. And as she said her thoughts out loud, a million dollars appeared in her hands.

They are about to have the experience of their lives | Photo: Shutterstock


The second lady was pissed because she hated how her friend always liked showing off her beauty. She decided to boast about her intelligence, so she said, "I think I'm the smartest person in this restaurant." And immediately, the key to a new Lamborghini made its way to her purse.

The last lady who had been observing the whole event wanted something nice for herself too. She moved closer to the mirror so it could hear her loud and clear. She craved for something better than what her friends got. "I think —" she began. But before she could complete her sentence, the lady disappeared into thin air.

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