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Daily Joke: Wise Old Tree Gives Advice to Forest Animals So They Can Save Their Habitat

Olowokandi Fiyin
Aug 31, 2021
05:00 P.M.
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There had been constant logging activities in a particular forest, and the forest inhabitants started getting concerned. They knew that if the logging continued, all the trees would be destroyed in no time.


So, all the forest animals decided to seek a solution from an ancient tree. When they explained their present situation to the wise tree, the old creature thought about it for a moment before giving them a solution.

The wise old tree was determined to save the forest along with the animals. | Photo: Shutterstock


Finally, the tree told the animals to get all the bears ready to scare the loggers away whenever they came to exploit the forest. For a while, their plan worked, and the bears kept all the loggers out.

But the loggers employed hunters to attack the bears, and soon there were no bears in the forest to scare them off. The loggers resumed their activities, and the animals ran to the wise tree for new advice.

This time, the old tree suggested that the birds move in mass and peck on the loggers till they all ran off. This plan also worked until the hunters returned with falconers, and there were not enough birds to protect the forest.


The animals surrounded the tree asking for solutions to the logging problems.| Photo: Shutterstock

The tree felling activities continued and soon, the loggers were getting close to the wise tree. The animals got more scared, so they went back to the tree, desperate for help.


This time, the tree suggested the squirrels chew through the cables of the loggers' tools so there would be nothing to cut the trees. The squirrels quickly jumped into action and tampered with the loggers' tools, causing a delay.

But the loggers repaired all their equipment and resumed their activities soon enough. And unfortunately, the day came when the loggers finally reached the old tree and cut it down.

The old tree was finally cut down by the loggers | Photo: Shutterstock


At night, the animals went back to the tree with sad faces. They were still willing to save the forest and the tree, so the animals asked if they could do anything to help. But the old tree looked at the animals and said,

"Sorry, guys, I'm completely stumped."

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