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Woman Calls Police When Her Home Motion Sensor Is Tripped, Cops Find the Reason

Dayna Remus
Aug 27, 2021
04:40 P.M.
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With guns ready and all dressed up in protective gear, a significant number of police officers were ready and waiting to take down a severely dangerous criminal. What they found instead left them all in absolute stitches.


An alarmed 911 dispatcher Jordan Moreton immediately contacted law enforcement while at work. This was not for an incoming call but rather that she received a notification that a mysterious trespasser had tripped her motion sensor in her bedroom.

After her frantic call, the police officers dressed in full gear to find whoever or whatever may be in the house. However, when they finally discovered the intruder, the homeowner was left with red cheeks.

Police officers preparing to raid the home of Jordan Moreton [left]; Jordan Moreton [right.]. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


All they came across was a cockroach that had crawled over Moreton's alarm, which the police and homeowner found quite humorous. However, the dispatcher also stated how incredibly disgusted she is by insects. Moreton emphatically expressed:

“I can see a bug within a close proximity of me and my soul leaves the country.”

Her hilarious response reflected her lighthearted nature when the police officers spoke to her via the Ring camera while at work, informing her about the insect. The homeowner facetiously asked if they could proceed to burn her house down.

Individual commenting on a YouTube video by Inside Edition. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


Her sarcastic inquiry was met with cheerful laughter by the officers. Beyond this humorous statement, the dispatcher revealed that she was also heavily red-faced about the unusual incident.

However, when she spat it out, she saw what looked to be an insect leg.

The homeowner also expressed her immense gratitude towards the police. The embarrassed yet relieved Moreton stated that they helped her feel safe and secure, giving her the peace of mind to return home.

Individual commenting on a YouTube video by Inside Edition. | Source: youtube.com/Inside Edition


In the comment section of a YouTube clip showing the event, a significant majority had the same playful reaction as the 911 dispatcher. One wrote:

"Judge: 'So, Mr. Cockroach. I see you’re here again for trespassing…'"

Many also complimented the homeowner on her sense of humor concerning the incident. A lot of individuals remarked that her comment surrounding her fear of bugs was hilarious.


Like Moreton, many are intensively repelled by insects, which is especially true when they find it in their food. One TikToker had to suffer through this, unfortunately discovering what looked like a cockroach in her Chipotle burrito.

Later, the TikTok user Tori Kinley revealed that it was a beetle but very much alive. At first, she assumed that the crunch was just a piece of corn.

However, when she spat it out, she saw what looked to be an insect leg and was instantly repelled. Unlike Moreton, Kinley did not find this situation funny, saying she would no longer eat at the fast-food chain.

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