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Husband Leaves His Wife for a Younger Woman, Karma Strikes Him Immediately — Story of the Day

Comfort Omovre
Sep 09, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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My husband left me for a younger woman because he could not stand my body. He later regretted his actions, but by that time, it was already too late.


"You shouldn't eat so much," I heard as I lifted my head from the bowl of soup I'd been focused on. It came from my husband, Ray. He was a tall, handsome man who treated women like trophies. I knew because it was how he treated me.

He loved showing me off to friends, but in recent years, that had changed. Now, he avoids it every time, like it's the plague. "Why can't I eat this much?" I asked grumpily. "I made the food because I was hungry."

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"That's not what I mean," he said in exasperation. "I just think you eat too often. You're always stuffing your face at one point or the other."

The way he looks at me while he says things like this often turns my stomach, and today was no different. I immediately lost my appetite and got up to move the dishes to the sink.

Ray and I got married five years ago, and we have a child named John who attends a boarding school overseas. Before having him, I was less chubby and curvier, but after the delivery, regardless of all I tried, my body simply remained as it was — with all the extra pounds.

Ray's comments about my weight and the way he looks at me while saying it always got to me | Source: Pexels


My husband noticed it immediately and pointed it out, which made me double my efforts, but nothing changed. Eventually, I accepted it, but he could never, and it has taken a toll on my confidence.

I dumped the dishes in the sink and left the room, unwilling to remain in his presence, knowing what he thought of me. He never passes up an opportunity to ridicule me about my weight and belly wrinkles, and I don't want to provide him with another.

In my room, I stood before the mirror and looked at my figure. I was still curvy, but I was more chubby. Ray always gets mad when he sees me naked before he believes I've lost my sexuality.


My husband was always quick to point out my chubby looks which took a toll on my confidence | Source: Pexels

I turned away from the mirror and crashed into my bed with a heavy heart. Perhaps he was right, and maybe I lost all that men found attractive.


My quarrels with Ray got more serious every day. He wanted to step all over me, and I wanted him to love me with my flaws. One day, the bad blood peaked.

I was making dinner for us when Ray walked in with a receipt. It documented the things I purchased at the mall earlier that day, and I instantly knew what was about to happen.

"You got more junk?!" he bellowed. "Look at your body Joy, you look bloated and old yet you buy more junk each time you go to the mall."

My quarrels with Ray over my body got more serious over time | Source: Pexels


I was going to defend myself, but I decided against it. That would only prolong the altercation. So I kept mute while he ranted and raved.

He left after exhausting himself, and I returned to my cooking. Since then, he acted like I didn't exist, but I didn't mind as long as peace reigned.

One day, I heard a disturbing rumor about my husband. My friend who lived in the next town called to let me know she saw someone who looked like Ray with a younger woman at a hotel but she had not been able to confirm it.

A friend told me she saw Ray with a woman at a hotel | Source: Pexels


I told her it was probably all in her head and thanked her for looking out for me, but I knew it was possible. Ray was taking more "business" trips these days.

One day, I decided to go on a "girls" trip too. So, I told my husband I'd be gone for the weekend. I went to a friend's house and planned to go back to the house unannounced.

As I entered the house, I heard laughter. It was a woman, who clearly looked younger, and it was so sensual, even I felt its allure. On the table in the living room was a half-empty wine bottle, and soft music played in the background, creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

As I entered our home, I heard the laughter of a woman | Source: Pexels


Despite my rapidly beating heart, I walked to our bedroom, which was slightly open, and there I saw Ray shirtless and in our matrimonial bed with a much younger woman. I gasped, and he looked up to see me, but before he could react, I fled.

A few days later, my lawyer called to inform me that Ray had filed for divorce, and even though I was dying inside, I agreed to sign them. I've always dreaded it happening, but after it did, I somehow felt liberated.

I felt lighter as I moved my things out of his house later that week, and I felt even better when I started living life for me. Without the demands of being a wife, I found time to focus on myself, and it started paying off.


My husband returned home with divorce papers, which I signed | Source: Pexels

A few months later, I met Ray at a restaurant, and we got to talking. He revealed that he broke up with the young lady he'd been with because she was dumb. His words made me angry, and I spoke my mind.


"You made her stupid!" I said. "You see, my dear, you complained about how tired I looked but that's because I had a lot of chores to do, and you never helped me. So I was very tired." He wanted to interrupt, but I forged on.

"I had extra pounds and looked older, yes, but that's because I brought your child into this world. You humiliated and shamed me and I felt less of myself next to you. You made me who I was. YOU MADE ME UNWORTHY OF YOUR LOVE. But now that's over. My date is waiting."

I turned around and left him, aware of his eyes on me. I knew how great I looked, and as I approached my date, he confirmed that by appreciating my features. Ray heard it all, and I couldn't have been more satisfied.


My date confirmed my great looks by appreciating my features | Source: Pexels

What did we learn from this story?

  • When you love someone, accept their flaws. Ray could not accept Joy's flaws even though he contributed to them. It drove them apart and led him to cheat on her.
  • Be content. Ray was a greedy man who had high standards for women, but when he found one, he was not satisfied because of the minor changes he saw in her. It made him seek out another woman with whom he had an affair, but in the end, even she could not satisfy him.

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