Story of the Day: Man Has Trouble Joining His Wife on Her Diet and She Gets Angry

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 17, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Leonardo's wife Angel recently gained a few pounds, so she wanted to lose weight. She's always excited about finding low-calorie alternatives to things.


Angel is a good cook, but the way she measures things doesn't work out for Leonardo. With the small meals, he still ended up hungry and going through lots of snacks.

She makes burritos using these low-calorie wraps called Extreme Wellness. For Leonardo, they taste good but are not satisfying at all. He decided to talk with his wife one day.

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Leonardo told her he was thrilled she's gained control of her diet and has been progressing in her goals. Actually, he had observed a considerable change in his wife overall.

However, he told her he needed more calories and better satisfying meals. He complained of needing more rice for his meals. But Angel became angry and accused him of trying to sabotage her.

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As Leonardo responded, he said that she shouldn't feel sabotaged. He told her that he also wants her to drop some weight. The couple kept arguing, and she eventually just threw up her hands. 

Though Leonardo is disappointed in how things turned out, he can't overlook his health.

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After that, Angel vented her anger about their argument on Twitter. All her friends also expressed disgust with Leonardo for not supporting her weight loss journey.

When Leonardo suggested that he cook his rice, Angel told him it would be too much of a budget. She also pointed out that it would be too much temptation for her to have around.

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But Leonardo made suggestions, and Angel agreed to shift some things around in the budget to get him a big bag of dry beans and rice. She will avoid consuming the extra calories, Angel said.

Due to the small apartment they live in, Angel suggested that perhaps while he eats, she might go for a walk. Though Leonardo is disappointed in how things turned out, he can't overlook his health.

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How do you feel about the situation between Leonardo and Angel? Do you think it is all Leonardo's fault? We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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