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Police Refuse to Protect Woman from Stalker until He Does Something to Her, She Claims

Brittany Chalmers
Sep 23, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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A woman claims a man has been stalking and harassing her for months. She has taken her troubles to the police numerous times, but they purportedly can't help her yet.


A TikToker told the online community about her bad experiences with a neighbor who was purportedly stalking her. She chose to disclose the information in case anything terrible happened to her.

Riah Little, who goes by @babyriahxo on TikTok, said she raised concerns with the police ten times, but their reply was always the same. They couldn't do anything to assist her until the man actually did something worthy of an official charge.

Woman details her experiences with an alleged stalker and states that the police have not helped her | Photo: TikTok/babyriahxo

Woman details her experiences with an alleged stalker and states that the police have not helped her | Photo: TikTok/babyriahxo



Little also said the man created a fake profile and started sending her rude messages. The woman explained: "He was telling me he was watching me." In the clip, Little showed viewers a truck that was parked in front of her house.

She claimed this was her stalker's vehicle and proceeded to pan the camera over to where his house was located. Little said the man's home was a stretch away, and there were plenty of available parking spots closer to his side.



However, the man allegedly chooses to park in front of her house to upset her. In a follow-up video, Little said the drama with her neighbor began when she defended someone from him.

The TikToker indicated that other people in her neighborhood have also had issues with the man. After she posted about it on her Home Owners Association group, neighbors said he also harassed them via his fake profiles.



Little also shared one of the man's alleged threats. She indicated that he told her he would tie her dog's leash to her neck and then drag her around. In an emotional plea, she expressed: "I don't want to wait until he hurts me."

An update on her page recently revealed that police were finally getting involved. After witnesses agreed to vouch for the man's harassment of Little, officers met with her and began to take the issue more seriously.



Little told the Daily Dot that police were in the process of charging the man. She added that if it didn't progress successfully, she was going to get her own lawyer. She also stated: "People like this only get worse and escalate."

Her TikTok videos have garnered lots of attention, and netizens have offered her advice. One user suggested that she move away to be safe. Another added that she should get a restraining order against him.



People also shared messages of sympathy with Little. One netizen wrote: "I'm sorry. It's so sad that the laws are made to protect the perpetrators."

Someone else asked her to name and shame the man who was stalking her, but she has chosen not to for legal reasons. It is unclear if the man has been charged yet.

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