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Ron Howard's Look-Alike Grandson Takes a Lot after His Grandad But His Mom Bryce Dallas Howard Keeps Him away from the Spotlight

Oyin Balogun
Sep 28, 2021
07:30 P.M.
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Famous actor Ron Howard from "The Andy Griffith Show" is a proud father of four who has enjoyed a stellar career, but one of his most cherished relationships is with his lookalike grandson.


Ron Howard's career began as a child actor, and he has gone on to build a career that has lasted more than three decades. Howard has featured in some of the best movies in the industry and acted alongside the best.

Some of his most popular works include "The Da Vinci Code," "Angels and Demons," "A Beautiful Mind," "Frost/Nixon," "The Twilight Zone," and "The Journey." His career has not been without personal accolades and awards.

A picture of famous actor Ron Howard | Photo: Getty Images

A picture of famous actor Ron Howard | Photo: Getty Images


Despite his success as an actor, the best part of his life isn't shown in front of the screen; instead, it is the moment spent with his wife and their four children. Ron is one of the many actors who take on their role as fathers with pride and joy.

The 67-year-old has enjoyed a sweet romance with his long-term wife Cheryl Howard, and the duo has gone on to build a beautiful home for themselves after more than two decades together.

The high-school lovers are also proud grandparents. Their daughter Bryce, who is also an actress, shares two children, Beatrice and Theodore, with her actor husband Seth Gabel.

Ron Howard with his wife Cheryl on April 29, 1999, at the 14th Annual American Museum of the Moving Image Tribute in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Ron Howard with his wife Cheryl on April 29, 1999, at the 14th Annual American Museum of the Moving Image Tribute in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Ron also has other grandkids, but his relationship with Theodore has been the most remarkable. The duo is said to be closely bonded, and the iconic actor sees himself in the young teen.

Bryce once revealed that Ron had been a huge influence on her son Theodore. The father of four loves to hang out with his little lookalike grandson and has taken him to some of his movie sets.


Ron loves to inspire his family to be creative, and he hopes his grandson Theodore can be bold and brave with his creativity, just like his famous grandfather and grandmother.

Theodore is said to have taken not only his grandpa's facial look but also certain aspects of his traits, and both are said to have similar interests and passions. Like Ron, Theodore reportedly loves the visual arts and loves to paint.



Although she followed in her parents' footsteps, Bryce is a hands-on mom to her kids. Aside from being a loving mother, she also loves to keep her family life private, but from the few pictures she shares on her Instagram, fans can see that she shares a sweet bond with her son Theodore.

Last year, as the young teen turned 13, Bryce shared an emotional picture capturing their mother-son moment. She shared a picture of Theodore in front of a lit cake, receiving a warm hug from behind.

She wrote on the post, "THEO! You're 13 years old buddy! We took this picture right before I whispered, 'Make a Wish Theo!' and he blew out the candles. What Theo didn't know is that during this mama-bear hug, I was making my wish for him."


While pictures of Theodore are scanty, it appears that he will grow into a cute and adorable teenager. On his 12th birthday, the "Jurassic World" actress shared a touching post.

She recalled how much he had grown and had become such a lovely son. Bryce is obviously a proud mother of two from her lovely expressive posts.



Being a celebrity sometimes means every aspect of your life is open to the public, but some stars decide which part of their lives they want to put out and which part should remain unseen. For Ron's daughter Bryce, it's best her kids' lives remain private.

The actress is only continuing a parenting style introduced by her parents, who were both star actors in their prime. According to Bryce, Ron and Cheryl protected her and her siblings from the spotlight and allowed them to enjoy a private and normal childhood.

Unlike most celebrities, Ron did not take his kids to his movie premieres or expose them to camera flashes on the red carpet. The 67-year-old was keen on making sure that everyone had a life outside of Hollywood.


Bryce said her parents only took her and her siblings to their movie set to explain the process of making movies, and in the end, two of Ron's children followed in his footsteps and became actors.

Bryce and "Salem" actor Gabel think Ron's parenting techniques are the best and decided to adopt them in raising their own children. According to Bryce, her kids do not need to grow up under the scrutiny of the public or the glamour of Hollywood.

Bryce's low-profile lifestyle makes it easy for her to live a normal life and walk down the street whenever she wants, as people do not readily recognize her except when she wears makeup and is taken for her lookalike fellow actress Jessica Chastain.


Keeping her family private has worked out well for Bryce and her husband as they can all enjoy some family time and travel together without being disturbed by fans.


For Bryce, being a mom has been the biggest moment of her life. A week after her marriage in 2006, Bryce realized she was going to become a mom and began preparing herself for what was to come.

Although she loved being pregnant, Bryce confessed that the journey was not entirely smooth as she threw up every day for six months. Despite the challenges, the "Eclipse" actress treasured having her kids.


After welcoming their first child together, Bryce forgot the difficulties of the past month and embraced being a mom with all her heart. After her first experience, Bryce reportedly confessed that breastfeeding became her biggest concern.

The signs of postpartum depression were visible for the new mom, but she tried to keep it all in and away from her family, friends, and colleagues who were in her circle. A visit to the doctor helped the actress ease into her role as a mother and enjoy the experience.


Bryce and actor Chris Pratt share a good working relationship, but their children seem to have taken a liking to one another and get along quite well. The actor's son Jack and Bryce's daughter Beatrice appear to be good pals and are bringing both families together.


Bryce is proud to be sharing her work life with her children and is proud to see them mingling and making friends around. Hopefully, these friendships would leave everyone with a smile on their face.

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