Daughter Came Home and Caused a Scene after Discovering Her Stepmom Washed Her Jeans

Salwa Nadeem
Sep 30, 2021
11:30 P.M.

When a child is introduced to their stepparent, they find it difficult to accept them. The thought of replacing their biological parent with a stranger seems dreadful. One young woman threw a fit when she found out that her stepmom washed her jeans and stole from her.


Out of all the marriages in the U.S., almost 50 percent of them end in divorce. This alarming rate of divorce is the reason why blended families exist. People get married, have kids, and then part ways to tie the knot with someone else. According to a survey, 42 percent of adults have a step relative in their family.

With the growing number of stepfamilies, there is an increase in children who don't like their stepparents. Social media platforms are full of posts by children who have a problem with their stepmother or stepfather. Stepparents should always be prepared to face resistance from the kids, especially if there's a teenager.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit



Doesn't it feel incredible to find some cash in your jeans' pocket that you totally forgot about? On the flip side, you would feel terrible if someone took that money out of your pocket while washing it, especially if that someone is your stepmother.

chanchan132 posted on Reddit that her stepmother washed her jeans without asking her and kept the 70 bucks that she found inside the pockets. She later confronted her stepmom and found out that she kept the money because a house rule said the person doing laundry keeps the money they find inside pockets.

The daughter argued that she never asked to wash the jeans, and she wasn't at fault. Her stepmom returned the money and said that she was irresponsible and should be more careful next time. The Redditor lost her cool and decided to leave the house. She asked other Redditors for their opinion, and one of them said:



What's the point of having a stepmother when you can't ask her for basic things such as sanitary pads? A woman on Reddit said that she caught her husband cheating on her with a younger girl, who is now her daughters' stepmother. The girls don't like visiting their father's place, but they have to because of the custody agreement.

The woman said that her younger daughter got her first period while staying at her father's place. The elder daughter asked her father to buy her the necessary supplies, but he refused and asked her to consult her stepmother. The daughter didn't feel comfortable asking her, so she called her bio-mom instead.

When the father discovered that the girls met their mother while staying at his house, he lost his cool. He blamed his ex-wife for destroying the stepmother's relationship with the girls. He said she could have told them to ask their stepmother for help.

Two girls standing in front of flower field | Source: Unsplash

Two girls standing in front of flower field | Source: Unsplash


Was the bio-mom at fault? Is it her responsibility to ask her daughters to be nice to their stepmother? Another user came up with the perfect advice for this mother. They said that the daughters would be happier if she "gave them the permission to like her." Do you agree with this comment?

Another woman on Reddit posted that her stepmother came into her life when she was eight, and she still hasn't accepted her even after becoming a parent to her daughter. Her stepmother was never mean to her, but they didn't have a mother-daughter relationship.

Her daughter recently started calling her stepmother "Grandma," and that bothered the woman. She asked her father and stepmother to correct her daughter whenever she referred to her as a grandmother, which offended them. They told her that she was rude, but the Redditor thinks otherwise. Who is right here?

Elderly man and woman sitting on a couch | Source: Pexels

Elderly man and woman sitting on a couch | Source: Pexels



Leaving your daughter with her stepmother isn't the best feeling in the world because the common perception of a stepmother is an evil woman who will make your child feel uncomfortable. As a mother, you never imagine parting ways with your husband and leaving your children with another woman.

However, life doesn't always go as planned. There are times when you have to accept your destiny and go with the flow. A mother wrote a heartwarming letter to her daughter's stepmother, telling her how she expected her to be a cruel person, but she turned out to be a wonderful human being and a caring stepmother.

Her beautiful letter said that she was afraid her daughter wouldn't have her mother by her side when she needed her the most, but the stepmother defied all odds and set a new example for all the stepmothers. Her daughter shares a lovely bond with her stepmother, which is quite rare these days.

Woman smiling at girl | Source: Unsplash

Woman smiling at girl | Source: Unsplash



What does it take to become the perfect stepmother? Only women parenting someone else's child can guide you better because they have experienced being a stepmother. TODAY compiled a list of advice from stepmothers that are crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship with stepchildren.

One thing all stepmothers should understand is that they need to take it slow. They cannot force themselves on the kids and expect them not to show any resentment. Giving children time and space will ensure that they accept you at their own pace. It isn't easy for them to replace their mother with a stranger.

It's also important to become friends with the child and then take the role of a stepmother. The children are already going through a difficult phase, watching their parents part ways. They never wanted their happy household to turn into a toxic one. All they are craving is some love and care to help them heal.

Woman hugging child | Source: Unsplash

Woman hugging child | Source: Unsplash


As a stepmother, women should be ready to take the back seat when parenting the children. The biological parents are the ones who make the decisions. Stepmothers shouldn't feel offended when they are not prioritized over the biological mother. They should accept the truth and learn to be patient.

It's also natural to feel jealous of the biological mother when the husband pays more attention to her. Stepmothers also feel angry when the kids refuse to listen to them. Women should prepare themselves to face such situations and see a therapist if need be. Being a stepmother isn't as easy as it sounds.

Do you have any advice for stepmothers? How can they improve their relationship with their stepchildren? We'd love to know what our readers think about this topic. Your comments are appreciated!

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