Mother Got One Twin Tattooed after Accidentally Injecting the Wrong Baby

Salwa Nadeem
Oct 06, 2021
08:30 P.M.

Having twins is one of the most exciting experiences, but the real struggle begins when you can't tell them apart. A mother confessed she tattooed one of her twins, so it was easy to recognize them. Is it right to tattoo a baby?


Tattooing a baby doesn't sound like the best thing to do, but some people consider doing it when their doctor recommends them. Medical tattoos are different than those you can get from anywhere. They are done with special pigments and smaller needles.

While people get cosmetic tattoos for various reasons, medical tattoos are only done to treat skin defects. They can treat burn marks, scars, and stretch marks and are preferred by women who undergo mastectomy. Some people also prefer brightening their skin tone through medical tattoos.

Source: Reddit

Source: Reddit


A 31-year-old woman posted that she tried getting pregnant with her husband for five years but only gave birth after medical treatment. The couple welcomed their twins, Adam and Jack, into this world after a lot of struggle. She mentioned that it's difficult to tell them apart because they are identical.


Unfortunately, Jack has to get one shot each week because of a medical condition. She requested her mother-in-law to give the medication to Jack every week, and she did it happily. One day, she accidentally gave the shot to Adam because of the resemblance. They took the child to the hospital, and the reversal fluids worked on him.

The OP's (Original Poster) mother-in-law refused to babysit the kids because she was afraid to make the same mistake again, so the parents sent them to daycare. The risk of mixing up the kids when it's time for the shot was still there, so the OP asked her doctor for a recommendation.

Twin babies sitting on toy cars | Source: Pexels

Twin babies sitting on toy cars | Source: Pexels

The doctor told her about a medical tattoo procedure to print a tiny freckle on the baby's skin under anesthesia. The couple agreed, and they got the freckle tattoo on the child's earlobe. However, that didn't sit well with the mother-in-law.


She lost her cool after hearing about the medical tattoo. The OP tried her best to make her MIL understand that the tattoo was nothing more than a tiny freckle and that it would fade away in a few years, but she was still mad at her. Another user shared a similar story and asked other users for their opinion.

The Redditor said that they have identical twins, and one of them requires medication every four hours. One day, their grandmother mixed the kids and gave the medicine to the wrong child, which made him end up in the hospital. She asked other users if it was right to tattoo their child, and one of them wrote:

The Redditor mentioned that their child stayed in the hospital for a week, and his condition was severe. She couldn't retake the risk, so she was considering two options―piercing and tattooing. Another user shared their opinion under the post:



Do all parents go for tattoos to tell their twins apart? No, they don't. Only a few parents would choose that option because it's complicated. Parents who want to avoid the risk of wrong medication are usually the ones who opt for tattoos. What are other options to tell twins apart?

The most popular option is color-coding. Parents designate colors for their twins and make them wear the same color until they develop distinguishable facial features. That even helps them tell the twins apart when they look at their pictures in the future.

Some parents also prefer painting toenails to tell the twins apart. Others use a marker to write their initials on their arms, so it's easy for everyone to identify the twins. The problem with using ink is that once it washes off, you're back to square one.

Twin babies | Source: Pexels

Twin babies | Source: Pexels

It's more challenging to tell newborn twins apart as compared to grown-up babies. It gets even more complicated when you have two identical naked newborns in front of you. Experts suggest it's better to bathe newborn twins separately, so you don't lose track of them.


Do you think looking after twins is easy? It's not! It's a nightmare for mothers because they have two crying babies to look after, and it gets challenging to take out time for themselves. The babies also have their own sleep schedules, so it gets difficult for the mother to sleep peacefully.

Another problem is that parents can't give one-on-one attention to their twins. They never get time to play with each child separately, and that guilt worries them later on in life. Parents are also under pressure to treat both babies equally.

Twin babies wearing red shirts | Source: Pexels

Twin babies wearing red shirts | Source: Pexels

Mothers also find it challenging to handle both babies at the same time. Feeding them at the same time and making them burp afterward is enough to drive them crazy. Things start getting complicated when the twins start walking, and parents have to run after them all the time.

Twin toddlers wreak havoc when left unattended. Parents always have to watch them, ensuring they don't get hold of their mother's red lipstick or sprinkle baby powder all over the floor. Raising twins is not an easy task.

Individuality is another problem for twins. Parents are recommended to let their twins express their opinions and have a separate identity. Every child has a different talent, so parents should appreciate their individuality. It will also help build confidence in the kids.

Twin girls | Source: Unsplash

Twin girls | Source: Unsplash

A mother of twins recommended other twin parents to be patient. Some days would be difficult, and you might feel like giving up. So it's important to hang in there and never feel shy in asking other people for help. "When a friend offers to help, take them up on it," she said.

Another woman suggested setting the same schedule for both kids, so the mother gets some time for herself. She also advised getting the doctor's appointment for both kids simultaneously to get treated in one go. It will help save time.

Do you have any similar experiences to share with us? We'd love to know if you have some tips for parents of twins. It isn't easy to look after two babies at the same time, isn't it? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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