Rich Dad Makes His Arrogant Daughter Marry a Beggar, Then Kicks Them Out to Learn a Lesson — Story of the Day

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Oct 04, 2021
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A wealthy man married his daughter to a poor man and then evicted them from his home. However, he wasn’t entirely to blame for what happened.


Clara was raised as a single child by parents who never said no to her requests. Her father, Edward, was a successful businessman, and Sophia, her mother, was a stay-at-home mom.

Clara adored both of her parents, but she was closer to her mother because her father was often away on business and only saw her twice a year. But unfortunately, Sophia was diagnosed with cancer when Clara was ten years old, and she didn’t live for more than five months after her diagnosis.

Clara was with her mother in her final hours, holding her hands in hers, and had promised her mother that she would never break her last wish. But Sophia took her last breath before she could say what it was.

Clara's dad married her off to a poor man and kicked her out of the house | Photo: Shutterstock

Clara's dad married her off to a poor man and kicked her out of the house | Photo: Shutterstock


Clara was traumatized by her mother’s death and needed someone to care of her, but Edward was too preoccupied with his business to help her, so she was sent to a boarding school. Edward sent her money and other necessities, but all she wanted was her mother to come back and her father to look after her.

When Clara finished school, she was eager to return home and spend time with her family as she had seen her friends do, but she remembered that Edward had never made time for her. So she stayed at home alone for a while before enrolling in a university and living in a dorm.

One day, Edward decided to surprise Clara and drove her to her university. But when he arrived, he noticed Clara walking hand in hand with a young man. They came to a halt outside the college, and then Clara kissed him.

Edward saw Clara kissing a young man | Photo: Pexels

Edward saw Clara kissing a young man | Photo: Pexels


“Clara!” Edward screamed from afar, hiding his irritation at his daughter kissing a young man in public. “Hi, honey!”

“Dad?!” Clara was taken aback. “I never expected you to visit me. Why is it this time you preferred your daughter over your business?”

“You shouldn’t say that, Clara. You have always been my priority!” Edward remarked. “By the way, who’s this young man?”

“That shouldn’t be your concern, dad! You never asked about me all these years, so you don’t need to suddenly act like you’re worried about me!” Clara retorted.

“But honey, I’m...” Before Edward could say something, Clara cut him off.

“I’m going out with my friends, dad. I’ll see you later. By the way, he’s Josh, my boyfriend.” Edward just stood there silently, hurt by his daughter’s opinion of him, and then returned home.

Edward was hurt by Clara's words | Photo: Pexels

Edward was hurt by Clara's words | Photo: Pexels


The next day, Edward called Clara home, hoping to have a peaceful conversation with her and that she would understand him, but the talk didn't go as he intended.

“Is that why you called me home? To just show that you CARE for me?” Clara was furious. “Look dad, you just send the money; that’s enough. I don’t need your fake sympathy!”

“But Clara, I’m concerned about you. I don’t want you to miss out on anything. That’s why I’m always busy with work.”

“Well, in simple words, it means dad that you prefer business and money to me, right?”

“No, honey. It’s just that...”

Before Edward could say anything more, Clara intervened. “You know what, I miss mom every day, but I don’t care about you. Anyway, it’s the last year of college, and I’m planning to marry Josh after that. He’s rich, and I like him.”

Clara declared she wanted to marry Josh | Photo: Pexels

Clara declared she wanted to marry Josh | Photo: Pexels


“How can you just marry anyone like that, Clara?” Edward was stunned. “Do you even know anything about him?”

“It doesn’t matter to me, dad. He’s rich, and that’s enough for me. Who cares if he’s a suitable match or not? After all, that’s how you and I have been connected all these years, dad! You send me monthly payments, and I just reply with thanks!”

Edward went completely silent. He had no idea that his failure to care for his daughter and the decision to send her away at a young age would lead Clara to believe that money was everything.

Moreover, he had asked his secretary to run a background check on Josh, which revealed he wasn’t a nice man. Edward was worried that Clara would actually marry a person like Josh, but then he remembered something.

Sophia had left a note for Clara | Photo: Pexels

Sophia had left a note for Clara | Photo: Pexels


Clara’s mother had left her a note, and Edward knew it was the right moment to give it to her. So he read that letter to Clara one night after dinner. Clara was almost in tears as she held it in her hands.

Sophia had written to Edward, requesting that he choose a groom for Clara if she died. Clara didn’t want to marry the man Edward would choose, but she loved her mother too much to let her last wish go unfulfilled.

So after she graduated, she got married to a man named Aiden. Clara just knew that Aiden was an orphan and a struggling artist. Anyway, she wasn’t bothered much because she thought she and Aiden would shift to a lovely house with her dad’s money and live peacefully. However, the exact opposite happened.

After marriage, Edward stopped supporting her financially. She lashed out at her father and they had a huge argument, but nothing changed. She even turned to Josh for assistance and planned to elope, but Josh declined, claiming he was dating someone else.

Clara's life turned upside down after marriage | Photo: Pexels

Clara's life turned upside down after marriage | Photo: Pexels


Clara now had no other option but to return to Aiden. But because Aiden didn’t have enough money, he was evicted from his rented flat. Clara and Aiden sought help from Edward, but he ejected her from the house.

“There’s no way I’m letting you guys stay here after you are married! And what will our neighbors think of you, huh? That you guys came to stay here because you couldn’t afford a place?” Edward was furious.

“I don’t give a damn, dad. I’m sick of living in poverty with Aiden! I’d rather stay at home,” Clara said.

“No, Clara, it’s not your home anymore. You will have to stay with your husband, so leave!” Edward declared. “Also, the house is for sale, and we’ve already found someone interested in purchasing it, so you can’t stay here!”

Clara and Aiden returned home, dejected, and stayed in a cheap motel until Aiden found work.

Clara never appreciated Aiden's efforts | Photo: Pexels

Clara never appreciated Aiden's efforts | Photo: Pexels


Aiden tried his hardest to never say no to Clara’s requests, despite his financial difficulties, but she never appreciated him. Instead, she would taunt him. “My father got rid of me by marrying me to a beggar like you. I swear I would never have ended up with a scumbag like you if my mother hadn’t wished for me to marry the man he chooses!” But despite the insults, Aiden was very patient with her every time.

Clara initially struggled to adjust to life with Aiden in a small house and on a tight budget, but as time went on, she grew to appreciate how he looked after and cared for her.

After her mother, Aiden was the first person to take such good care of her. So with time, Clara fell in love with Aiden and decided she’d confess her feelings. But when the time came, she discovered something shocking. Aiden was never poor; instead, he worked at Edward’s office as an accountant.

Clara confessed her feelings for Aiden | Photo: Pexels

Clara confessed her feelings for Aiden | Photo: Pexels


Edward was present when Clara confessed to Aiden. He told her the whole story of how he and her mother met and why he had asked Aiden to pretend that he was a poor man.

It turned out Sophia was kicked out of her father’s house after she married Edward because he was poor. But Sophia stayed with Edward and helped him in his career, which is why he became so successful.

Sophia wanted her daughter to marry a man who would adore her despite his lack of wealth. However, when Clara began to believe that money was everything, Edward had to show his daughter that the most important thing in life is love and care, not money. Luckily, he was successful.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Money can’t buy happiness or love. Clara discovered this when she fell in love with Aiden.
  • Parents must learn to prioritize their children’s needs. Edward concentrated on his business because he wanted the best for Clara, but this resulted in him neglecting his daughter, and that wasn’t right.

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