Woman Moves from France to Florida to Be with Man Sentenced to Death–Now They Have a Child

Ayesha Muhammad
Oct 06, 2021
07:00 P.M.

Love transcends all boundaries, and a French woman proved this theory right when she moved from France to Florida to be with the love of her life, who happened to be a double murderer on death row.


A woman residing in the US has shocked the world with her unusual love story after marrying and having a baby with a death row convict. Sigrid began developing feelings for Alan Wade when the two exchanged letters during his time as a prison inmate.

The 39-year-old woman traveled 4,000 miles and moved from France to the US three years ago to marry the love of her life, who was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to death as a result.

Sigrid and Alan Wade are pictured together with their baby boy. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly

Sigrid and Alan Wade are pictured together with their baby boy. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly

According to the Union Correctional Institution in Florida, Wade was convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and the first-degree murders of Reggie and Carol Summer, a retired couple in Jacksonville who he buried alive. Sigrid shared her thoughts on the matter:


"I started writing to death row inmates because I was against the death penalty."

Sigrid and Wade's romance started when the two began exchanging letters because the French woman truly believed in the rehabilitation of prisoners and was strongly against the death penalty.

After a few exchanges, the couple slowly began to realize their feelings for each other, which scared them. Sigrid recalled that soon after it dawned upon them that their feelings were mutual, they stopped writing for some time. She also added:

"We tried to stop writing to each other, [but] we were both miserable. After six weeks, he wrote back - the first words were 'I love you'."

After almost a year of talking to each other through letters, Wade proposed to Sigrid while she was visiting him in Florida State Prison. Shortly afterward, the couple got married in prison in 2016.

Sigrid and Alan Wade pictured together. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly

Sigrid and Alan Wade pictured together. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly

Talking about their relationship, Sigrid shared that she was deeply moved by the way Wade loved her and could tell how much he valued her presence in his life. She further commented:

"It's bittersweet when I look at the pictures. Seeing us together and holding hands, it makes me really nostalgic and I really hope I can have that again soon."

Sigrid and Wade are now parents to an adorable baby boy. Still, she refuses to share details of how her son was conceived, especially in light of conjugal visits being forbidden for prisoners on death row.

Sigrid pictured with her baby boy. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly

Sigrid pictured with her baby boy. | Photo: YouTube.com/truly


The French woman said that things have been hard for her and Wade, but she doesn't wish to share details of how she conceived her son. While she's happy with the way things are in her life, it has come at a huge cost. Talking about her experience, she said:

"People who are supposed to love me, they're bothered because someone is loving me right and making me happy."

Many friends and family members turned their back on Sigrid after finding out about her relationship with Wade. However, Sigrid is happy that she has her baby and a husband who loves her unconditionally.

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