Man Confesses He Got Secret Paternity Test for Son after Noticing the Boy Doesn't Look like Him – Life Story

Salwa Nadeem
Oct 13, 2021
11:40 P.M.
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"I realized I was beginning to resent my son." confessed a man on Reddit. He secretly decided to take his son for a paternity test and discovered the truth.


When a couple gets pregnant, they wonder what their baby would look like: Would they have straight hair like the mother or beautiful curls like the father? Would the baby have blue eyes or brown?

Usually, the first glimpse of their baby answers all these questions. But what happens if the baby doesn't resemble either of the parents and everyone keeps saying, "the child looks nothing like you two!"

Source: Amomama

Source: Amomama



A 29-year-old man posted about his interracial marriage on Reddit: he married his wife after she got pregnant with their son. A few years later, they welcomed their daughter, who looked exactly like her father, into this world.

His daughter's resemblance made him realize his son doesn't resemble him or his wife. He had a darker complexion than OP (Original Poster) & his wife. He also remembered that when their friends and family first met their son, they asked if he was his child.

After his daughter's birth, he began doubting his son's paternity and felt resentful towards him. Strange thoughts began to cross his mind, and his trust in his wife began to fade.

Close-up of child wearing blue jacket | Source: Unsplash

Close-up of child wearing blue jacket | Source: Unsplash


OP knew that holding grudges against his wife and son wasn't right and decided he needed to find out the truth. He secretly took his son for a paternity test. Fortunately, the test results confirmed that he was the father of his son.


After the test, OP was able to spend time with his son again, and his mind was at peace. So he decided to confess to his wife about getting the test.


"I confessed to my wife I got a paternity test. I hated keeping the secret, and I thought she would understand given how much he doesn't look like me," he wrote.

Woman crying | Source: Pexels

Woman crying | Source: Pexels


She lost her temper and accused him of loving his children based on their skin color. His wife was horrified that he doubted her loyalty and decided to move out of the house with the kids. OP couldn't understand her reaction but Redditors sided with her with one writing:

"YTA. She is absolutely not over reacting. You not only did not trust your wife, you let your ignorance get in the way of you bonding with your child. I mean, what did you think was going to happen when you had biracial children?"

Most people bashed the OP for letting his doubts affect his relationship with his son. They lectured him for being insensitive and judging his children based on their appearance. Another user suggested that he should have discussed his doubts with his wife instead of taking a paternity test behind her back.

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