October 15, 2021

Woman Called 'Human Coffin' by a Lawyer after She Lost Her 7-Month Pregnancy

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A woman was left traumatized following a lawyer's disparaging comment about her being a "human coffin." He made the remark in response to her request to reschedule an appointment after a miscarriage.

Twitter user @positivelycarin joined hundreds of women who are sharing their nasty experiences in the hands of their employees after suffering a miscarriage.


Taking to the platform, she recalled losing her unborn child when she was seven months pregnant. As she stayed in the hospital, pondering the loss, she decided to contact the opposing counsel to brief him on the situation and reschedule the disposition.


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His response startled her, proving more traumatic than the reality of her recent loss. She wrote, "His response: 'It's not my problem you're a human coffin.' I still have nightmares."


Many netizens were infuriated by the inhumane response, with most urging the woman to sue the lawyer, or at the very least, share the experience on Glassdoor.

One person referred to the remark as the worst thing they ever heard a person direct at someone else. Others sympathized with Carin, extending words of consolation to her over the loss of her baby.



Asked if the lawyer got fired, Carin replied in the negative, adding that he ended up being celebrated and awarded by his colleagues for his hateful actions.

Another commenter insisted the offending lawyer needed to be sanctioned at the very least to understand the weight of his harsh words. In response, she listed out other similarly disdainful acts he got away with in the past, saying:

"Sanctioned? He never got sanctions for pushing, shoving, book throwing, lying, interrupting me 88 times in 1 short deposition. Why would this be different?"



Carin went on to reveal their Jacksonville colleagues awarded him after the incident, with one hiring him to face her in court.


The woman also admitted the nightmares triggered by the lawyer's inconsiderate comment had plagued her ever since. She also implored sympathizers to share any known means of getting rid of the nightmares for good, as it left her in a dark place. She wrote:

"I'm grateful for any ways to stop the nightmares. It's the anniversary of her death this week and it's extra dark here. that scene replays in my dreams so often."



Netizens came through for Carin, sharing ideas on things she could do to live past the traumas. Suggestions like sleeping in white nightwear, watching videos about dogs, surrounding herself with her favorite things, and soaking in a tub flooded the comment section. 


Carin was just one of a slew of women who shared their experiences following Twitter user @no_goblings' post about the dehumanizing treatment of women after a miscarriage.

The post, which has been retweeted over 300,000 times, tells of a woman forced to work in the baby clothes section of a clothing store days after miscarrying her baby.



The tweet sparked outrage among netizens, who dubbed such actions by employers as "evil" and lacking in compassion. The thread encouraged several women from different career fields to share their similar experiences after returning to work post-miscarriage.

Many were in disbelief over the prevalence of such practices, while others urged the government to look into it to enable women who miscarried to better deal with the trauma and improve their mental health.


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