October 17, 2021

Little Boy in Hospital with Gastroenteritis Suddenly Hears His Favorite Song

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The viral video of a toddler singing out loud and dancing to his favorite song while on admission at the hospital is melting hearts on the internet.

Little Miguel from Brazil suffered from gastroenteritis, a condition that left him hospitalized at the pediatric ward of a hospital in Brazil. Despite his ailing health, the toddler found reasons to sing, dance, and spread cheerfulness and positivity to millions.

One day, while receiving treatment, the boy’s favorite song suddenly came on TV, miraculously energizing him. To everyone’s delight, Miguel stood upright on his crib, grabbed a spoon, and began churning the song.


A screenshot from the viral video | Photo:

The stunned folks around could only film the mind-blowing performance, which was eventually posted on Twitter. The clip showed Miguel, clad in an orange top and a diaper, singing passionately into the spoon-turned-microphone.


As he sang the lyrics of the song, “Pericles- Ate Que Durou,” the little boy moved his legs to the beat, putting on a good show. The tweet read:

“Even in difficult times at the hospital, this little boy sings and dances.”


The video, posted by @GoodNewsMovement, went viral in no time, garnering over twenty thousand views within days. The post also confirmed that Miguel had recovered fully and was back home with his family.

Twitter users were in awe of the gifted youngster, admitting his mind-blowing performance was second to none, especially in the face of an illness.

A comment read, “Can’t even remember the last time I was filled with so much joy… let alone when I was sick.” Others kept dishing out words of commendation to little Miguel, encouraging his parents to hone his skills. One wrote, “Way to go Miguel!!!”


Aside from making Miguel into a beloved internet sensation, the little boy’s display also inspired others to tap into the healing properties of music.

Last year, 4-year-old Myla proved just how effective music and dance were when it came to healing and recovery. The youngster, whose heart stopped beating for eleven days after encountering a cardiac arrest, made a dramatic recovery following three open-heart surgeries.


To commemorate her victory over her ailment, Myla performed a celebratory dance. She had her care team join in the fun, choreographing alongside her to the lyrics of “Out West,” by Jackboys.

The video was shared on TikTok, with the little girl’s vibes so contagious that it went viral in no time. The health of the fun-loving tot only improved progressively afterward until she recovered fully and returned home to her family.