October 15, 2021

Thief Breaks into Deputy Collector's House to Steal Money, Leaves a Note for Owner When He Fails

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A magistrate came home to his riches plundered, or so he thought, amazed to discover that the midnight thief had left his heart on his sleeve in the form of a note.

Many people are acquainted with that uneasy feeling when an intruder has been inside their house and taken their belongings. 

While, according to an Indian news agency, an individual and magistrate going by Trilochan Singh Gaur went through these same emotions, the trauma of theft was alleviated by comic relief.

A picture of a note with a screenshot overlaid onto it describing what the thief wrote and left at a Deputy Collector’s house. | Source:



Fifteen days after an unknown individual crept into his residence, Gaur discovered some of his assets missing. This included jewelry as well as INR30,000 cash. 

Some other Twitter users found the incident funny.

While the thief had taken some of the owner's belongings, they also left something behind for the magistrate. This Deputy Collector found a humorous yet disturbing note which was written using his pen and notepad. 

A pen being used to write on paper. | Source: Shutterstock



An editor going by Anurag Dwary on Twitter took to their account to share the news story and what was scribbled on the notepad. According to the Tweet, it read:

"Jab paise nahi they toh lock nahi karna tha na collector!"

Translated, this means that the house owner should not have locked their house up. This is because, as the comical note claimed, there was no money in it. 



It appeared that some other Twitter users found the incident funny. One fellow netizen going by Chandra_Pratap took to the comment section, writing:

"Money heist failed. 😂😂"

This Twitter post has become quite popular. It has been retweeted 38 times and received just over 100 likes so far. 

Laurette Turner shared how her bank failed to refund her money, making her wait for weeks. | Photo:



Although still an uneasy incident, there was an entertaining element to the robbery of Gaur. However, Laurette Turner's world was turned upside down. As someone who supports her family, the grandmother was panicked. 

In early August, Turner had used her Walmart money card issued by Green Dot Bank but couldn't draw out cash from the ATM. It turned out that an anonymous individual had transferred her funds electronically and then hacked her bank account.

Turner shared she uses her retirement money to support her household. | Photo:



The grandmother reported this to the bank. She had to do so on multiple occasions over a month to get her money refunded. Turner stated that this was not the first incidence of her Walmart Green Dot money account being hacked, revealing that it occurred once before. 

When unable to access her finances, the grandmother said that it was incredibly challenging to support her household and couldn't buy school supplies for her grandchildren.

How have you or how would you approach the situation if someone stole precious belongings or money from you?

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