Single Gay Man Defies the Odds and Adopts Girl Who Had Been Living in Hospital for a Year

Dayna Remus
Oct 15, 2021
11:00 P.M.

A gay Argentinan man came miles, finally liberating himself from the oppressive societal shackles that told him his sexuality was wrong. Now free, Pablo Fracchia was ready to take on the world and find a beautiful family in the process.


Pablo Fracchia is a man of note. He is an LGBTQ+ activist and volunteered for the Red Cross, putting his humanitarian efforts into helping those who faced ferocious floods and avalanches, to name two.

However, beyond his life of activism and kindness, Fracchia always wanted to be a father, and this was possibly his best and most rewarding battle to come.

Pablo Fracchia bottle feeding Mia. | Source: instagram.com/pablitofracchia

Pablo Fracchia bottle feeding Mia. | Source: instagram.com/pablitofracchia


Sadly, growing up during the '90s in Buenos Aires, his rights as a gay man were limited. However, over time and with Fracchia playing an active part in the liberation movement, Argentina became a much safer, more accessible country for the LGBTQ+ community.


Finally, this healthy Argentinian man could begin the process of starting a family, and so he began to look into adoption. What he didn't realize was that there was a helpless little girl named Mia in a hospital somewhere, just waiting for the perfect father to find her.

[He] watched the archbishop on television stating that gay individuals should be moved to an island.

Mia lived in a hospital for a year after her biological parents were not equipped to take care of her. She was just 12 months old, and was suffering from serious gastrointestinal issues, and constantly needed medical attention. Fracchia applied to adopt her and was shortlisted.



Soon after, he got a phone call, letting him know that he would be a dad; now, only a year after he was shortlisted, the two live together as a loving pair, taking on the world together. Speaking about his baby girl, the activist expressed how he would describe her, stating:

“It would be 'resilience' and 'power.' This girl survived in every single possible way as she had a rough start in her health."

Fracchia said that they both fell in love with each other instantly. This affection for his daughter caused the new father to give up on volunteering at the Red Cross, which took up a lot of his time. Although his work there meant a lot to him, so did Mia, and she is his world.



From living in a suppressive society to fighting for his own and others' liberation, volunteering at the Red Cross, and then fulfilling his dream of having a family, this man is undoubtedly a walking inspiration.

Fracchia emphasizes the need to fight for our single and collective dreams. As a young man who watched the archbishop on television stating that gay individuals should be moved to an island away from general society, he has come a long way.

Ultimately, his current status as a person and father is living proof that his emphasis on the power of fighting for one's dreams is not empty but a path that belongs to those brave enough to take it.



Tiny shining Mia and her doting dad show everyone the beauty that can be found in adoption. Foster mom, Sara Cozad, couldn't help but bawl when she witnessed this beauty as her son made a touching speech during adoption proceedings.

Brothers Dayshawn and Michael were in foster care for a large part of their lives. Eventually, foster parents Cozad and her husband, Stuart Shank, could not bear to let them go, deciding to take them in as their children legally.

During proceedings, when Dayshawn was asked about his feelings towards the possible adoption, he said it's his biggest wish and wants to be around his new parents forever. From Mia to the two brothers, these children finally found a place their hearts could call home.

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