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October 18, 2021

Mom of Two Gets a Call from Her First Love after 28 Years, Feelings Are Reignited — Story of the Day

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Two cities, two different backgrounds, a few heartbreaks, and almost 28 years is what it took Julia to reconnect with her first love William. But what would their future hold now that their lives had changed dramatically in so many years?

Julia met William for the first time during her summer vacation at her grandmother's house in Texas. William's father ran a small farm, and the boy used to assist him during his school vacations.

Julia's life was pretty much in contrast to William's as she was born and raised in New York with business-oriented parents. The differences, however, were nothing compared to the strong attraction the teenagers felt for each other, and they fell in love quickly.


When William grew up, he relocated to New Jersey for higher studies while Julia joined New York University. But despite their separation, the two lovebirds kept in touch via phone calls and letters.

Julia and William reconnected after 28 years | Photo: Shutterstock


One day, William called Julia to invite her out to dinner to propose to her, but what was supposed to be a romantic conversation turned into a squabble that would end their chances of ever being together.

"Are you serious, William?" Julia was furious on the call. "Do you really think Josh and I are together?" 

"Then what is he doing in your room, Julia?" William was enraged. "Do you frequently call men home, or did you intend to dump me in such a disgusting manner?"

"You're crossing the line now, Will," Julia said. "Let's talk later. Even if I explain to you right now, you won't understand because you're angry.


William was furious at Julia after hearing Josh's voice in the background | Photo: Pexels

"You're right, Julia," Will agreed. "Nothing will make sense to me. In fact, I'm not interested to find out. From now on, let's not call each other. LET'S GO OUR SEPARATE WAYS RIGHT NOW!"


"WILL!" Julia screamed on the call, tears rolling down her cheeks. "How can you do this? Josh is just a friend. You heard his voice in the background because we had gone grocery shopping together, and he was just helping me with that. Hello … Will? Are you there?" William had already disconnected the call. 

Julia burst into tears. She wasn't cheating on him; in fact, like William, she was waiting for the end of the college year to propose to him, but his jealousy ruined things to the point where they stopped speaking.

William got married and started a family | Photo: Pexels


As time went on, William graduated, got married, and settled in New Jersey with his family. He had met his wife Clara during a work conference, and after going out on a few dates, the couple decided to tie the knot. They were also blessed with a beautiful daughter a year later and they named her Olivia.

However, when Olivia turned 15, life put William to the test when Clara was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, it was in the terminal stages, and the woman couldn't make it for more than a few months. William was devastated after the loss, but he didn't marry again.

Julia, on the other hand, had a life that was no better than William's. She could never get over him even after dating and hooking up with several men on the rebound.


A few years later, she married a man named Edward, and they had a boy together, but the marriage didn't last long. After divorcing Edward, she married another man named Kevin and had another child with him, but she also divorced him two years later.

After two failed marriages and several attempts to find another man, Julia lived alone with her sons Aaron and Sam. 

Julia had two sons from two different marriages | Photo: Unsplash


One evening, Julia sat down to browse through Facebook and find out more about her first love William, just as she had done for nearly 28 years since their last phone call.

Thanks to social media, she knew everything about his happy married life and his adorable daughter. Julia, of course, had been jealous of it, considering her own life, which heartbreaks and two disastrous marriages had marred, but she didn't want to jeopardize William and Clara's life, so she never dared to message him.

William had not been very active on Facebook ever since Clara passed away, but from the comments on his and Clara's last pictures, Julia learned that the woman had passed away. However, William hadn't changed his status to single yet, which meant he was not ready to meet anyone.


Should I still send him a message and ask if he'd like to meet up with me? Julia wondered. But what if he thinks I'm using his wife's death as an excuse? Or wait, what if he hates me equally as he did 28 years ago? She couldn't make up her mind.

William called Julia after 28 years | Photo: Unsplash


So, in the end, she sent William a message through a mutual friend and gave her phone number, hoping William would at least reply with a text. But that didn't happen. She checked her Facebook account every day, but William didn't message her; in fact, the last time he'd gone online was only a few hours before she checked Messenger, but there was no message from his account.

However, one day, while she was busy on Facebook, her phone vibrated. She answered the call and almost collapsed on the ground. "Hi, Julia," the man on the other end of the line said. "It's William. I hope you remember me."

Oh god, is it really William? Oh my god, Julia, he contacted you. Yes, oh gosh! What should I do? What should I say? The woman was panicking in excitement.


Ok, calm down, Julia, she assured herself. You need to respond!

Thankfully, after what felt like five minutes of jumping around in excitement, Julia finally asked William if he'd like to meet her at a restaurant. William agreed, and the next evening, the two ex-lovebirds were reunited. 

Julia and William met at a restaurant the next evening | Photo: Pexels


Julia's heart fluttered again when they met, just as it had when she first saw him decades ago. His smile and tall stature rekindled her feelings for him. "I can't believe we would meet after so many years," she admitted shyly, her heart racing at the sight of him.

But before William thought of a reply, he could see himself losing a battle with his emotions as well. She still looks gorgeous as she'd been as a teenager. He thought. He responded with a smile and offered her a seat.

As the evening went on, they found themselves losing in deep discussions about their lives and everything that had happened in the past. William eventually apologized to Julia for misinterpreting her and admitted that he felt lonely after Clara died. "To be honest, that's when I decided I needed to see you. I couldn't believe it when you reached out to me after all these years."


And then he placed his hand on hers and asked solemnly, "So, would you forgive me and give me another chance?"

Julia's eyes had welled up. "Well, I always wanted to have a family with you. I don't think I want to lose you again."

The two lovers exchanged passionate kisses and hugged, and they found themselves falling in love all over again.

William and Julia reunited | Photo: Unsplash


What can we learn from this story?

  • Think twice before you act. If William hadn't doubted Julia and left her, they wouldn't have been apart for 28 years.
  • Matches are made in heaven. Julia and Williams' previous relationships didn't exactly work out because they were fated to end up together.

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