October 18, 2021

88-Year-Old Crossing Guard Gives His Life to Save 2 Children from Being Killed by Speeding Car

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“Mr. Bob,” as school students knew him, spent every day of his retirement looking after and loving the kids around him. Grievously, this angel walking the earth was plucked away in a second, with many vying for the perpetrator's blood. 

After serving in the Coast Gaurd and retiring from banking, 88-year-old Bob Nil became a crossing guard at the Christ the King Parish School in Kansas City. 

For the five years that he worked there, the senior citizen was well-beloved by everyone at the school. Many of the students were so acquainted with him that they gave him the nickname “Mr. Bob.” 

Police car [left]; Bob Nil [right]. │Source:


One Valentine's day, the schoolgoers expressed their affection for him by giving him many cards and gifts. The principal of the school, Cathy Fithian, reminisced over this day, saying the retired Coast Gaurd was filled with joy over these presents; unable to stop speaking about them.

Elizabeth Germany, who lives near the education center, expressed that he was very dedicated to his job and truly cared about the children. 

Individual commenting on a Facebook post by Christ The King Catholic School, Kansas City, Kansas. │Source:


Unfortunately, his love for the kids was made clear in the most devastating of ways when the Kansas City Police Department announced some anxiety-provoking news. Taking to Twitter, the Department partially stated that on February 18, 2020:

"Kansas Police Department responded to an automobile accident involving a pedestrian...he passed of his injuries."

Tragically, this pedestrian turned out to be the cherished “Mr. Bob.” The accident happened close to the intersection of 54th Street and Leavenworth Road at around 8:00 am


The incident occurred when two young boys, one at 7 years old and the other at 11 years old, attempted to cross Leavenworth Road. Witnesses stated that they saw this 88-year-old struck by an approaching car when pushing the boys out of its way. Taking to Facebook, the school expressed

"Please keep him and his family in your prayers, and we will continue to post information as we receive it."

Many in the comment section expressed their sympathies, with a number of them calling for the driver who seemingly caused the accident to be prosecuted. Officials at the time said they were still investigating the incident. 



Fithian expressed her sorrow and gratitude to the man who appeared to have saved the lives of two children. The principal stated that she fully believes the young boys would not be here today if it weren't for the deceased senior citizen. 

Fithian sent out her well-wishes, mourning along with the community, who have ultimately hailed the passed Nil as a hero; it's hard to argue with that label. 

Eric and Emily Robison [left]; Carmen [right]. | Source:


An angel that walked the earth, many other deeply compassionate individuals, have taken the same heart-centered path as Nil. One was an I.C.U nurse who changed the life of a grieving husband and father, 23-year-old Eric Robison. 

On August 25, 2021, baby Carmen was born via C-section while her mother, 22-year-old Emily Robison, was unconscious in hospital with COVID-19. After Emily passed, Eric was lost. Carmen was born prematurely, so he had none of the supplies needed to look after her. 

The I.C.U nurse found out about this issue and set up a GoFundMe account for the father, which has now, with donations rolling in, far surpassed its original monetary goal. It's people such as this caregiver and “Mr. Bob” who restore the most nihilistic individuals' faith in humanity. 

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