October 23, 2021

Man Finds Daughter Put Up for Adoption after 35 Years and Presents Her a Promised Necklace

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Jim Mcaskill was only a teen when his daughter was put up for adoption against his wishes. After searching for his child, triumph came only 35 years later.

Becoming a teenage parent comes with many consequences and responsibilities, which is why some choose to give their child up for adoption. Jim Mcaskill, however, is not one of them.

At the age of 15, Mcaskill and his then-girlfriend found out they were expecting. Young as they were, the couple knew that the consequences of having a child at a young age would be difficult.

Jim Mcaskill and daughter Devon reunite 35 years after she was born. | Source:


Mcaskill was willing to raise their daughter regardless of the challenges. His girlfriend, however, was not. So when their daughter, Devon, was born in 1978, she was immediately put up for adoption. The most he was given was ten minutes with the newborn. Macskill shared:

“A nurse took me to a little room, put me in a gown, and brought Devon to me. Just this little small pudgy nose and she just kept staring up at you like she knew who I was.”

Jim Mcaskill's daughter Devon as a baby in 1978. | Source:



Since ten minutes was all he had, Mcaskill wanted to bring a piece of his little angel home with him. So he secretly took a beaded necklace with Devon’s name from her neck.

He immediately gave her all the presents and cards he bought for her in the past years and returned the beaded necklace he took

As soon as he let go of Devon, he vowed to do anything to give back the necklace one day. For the next three decades, Mcaskill celebrated every birthday and Christmas with his daughter in mind. He also wrote letters for her, hoping that she would be able to read them one day


Jim Mcaskill holds his daughter's beaded necklace. | Source:


After 30 years of searching, Mcaskill still didn’t find Devon. Although all hope may have seemed lost, he was determined to reunite with his daughter. He scoured all possible sources in the USA and Canada.


Then one day in 2013, he was led to search for the name Nicole Stefanick on Facebook. Tears began to stream down his face as soon as he opened her profile -- she was the “spitting image” of her mother.



When the father and daughter finally reunited, 35 years after Mcaskill first held his newborn Devon, he was brought to tears. 

He immediately gave her all the presents and cards he bought for her in the past years and returned the beaded necklace he took, which she now wears on her wrist.


Stories about parents and children reuniting after several years often appear in news outlets. Among them is the story of Gina Crotts, who found the daughter she gave up for adoption 17 years ago in the mall.

Although heartbroken at first, both Mcaskill and Crotts were beyond happy to reunite with their daughters. Their story gives hope to parents who are in a similar situation to one day meet their kids again