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Katie Couric & Hired Nanny's Relationship Got 'Weird' before Her Late Husband Passed

Joe Akins
Oct 18, 2021
09:30 P.M.

For more than four decades, Katie Couric has enjoyed an incredible career as an author and a journalist. In one of her books, Couric opened up on the decision that almost destroyed her marriage, and here is what she had to say.


Katie Couric's name needs no introduction, having been one of the most popular journalists over the last three decades. Couric's career is a huge inspiration for women being the first woman to anchor "CBS Evening News" alone in 2006.

The American television journalist was the co-host of "Today" throughout the 1990s and early 2000s. Besides her career, Couric is also known for her bravery and ability to confront some of the most painful experiences of her life with grace.

Pictures of TV personality Katie Couric with her husband, Jay Monahan | Photo: Getty Images

Pictures of TV personality Katie Couric with her husband, Jay Monahan | Photo: Getty Images

While her life on television has been an open book, the 64-year-old enjoys keeping her personal life away from the spotlight and only shares with the world what she is comfortable with. In her memoir, "Going There," Couric offered the world a full glimpse into her life and pain over the years.


One of the experiences she shared was her life with her late husband, Jay Monahan, who died of cancer. Years before his death, Couric noted that a nanny she hired would have ruined their life together.

Katie Couric at Fox Business Network Studios on March 20, 2019, in New York City | Photo: Getty Images

Katie Couric at Fox Business Network Studios on March 20, 2019, in New York City | Photo: Getty Images


Couric has had an amazing adventure since her journalism career began several decades ago as an assistant at the ABC network. From being an assistant, Couric went on to headline several shows, hence winning some of the industry's top awards.

Couric was born in 1957, and journalism has always been familiar to her because her father, John, was a retired journalist and public relations executive.

Growing up, she always admired the profession, and after her graduation from the University of Virginia in 1979, she moved to Washington, D.C., to pursue a career in television news reporting.


Couric began her career at ABC as a desk assistant, where she worked alongside anchorman Sam Donaldson and others. She started working at the Cable News Network's Washington bureau shortly after that.


She spent the following seven years as a producer and an on-air reporter at CNN bureaus across the country. The show host later returned to Washington in 1987 and began working as a reporter for an NBC affiliate station.

The following years were some of the most productive for Couric's career as she covered some of the biggest news in America's history, such as the U.S. invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War.


She later became the anchor of the "Today" show and was an instant hit with the crowd, improving the falling ratings of the show, which she inherited from Deborah Norville, who was blamed for the show's poor performance.

As "Today's" host, Couric interviewed several leading figures like First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Anita Hill, Colin Powell, and Jerry Seinfeld. Her easy on-screen chemistry with co-host Bryant Gumbel was also crucial to the show's success.

The duo was notorious for their off-screen feuds, but their combined star power helped "Today" reclaim the title of most-watched morning news show in the country in 1993 after beating ABC's "Good Morning America" in the ratings.


Couric has also had an amazing personal life that has supported her career even though there have been sad episodes such as losing her husband to colon cancer in 1998. Before his death, the couple had two daughters, Elinor and Caroline.

The duo met while Couric was working as a Today correspondent in Washington D.C. Monahan was a lawyer based there at the time, but shortly after meeting, the couple decided to stick together and build a beautiful world.



In her upcoming memoir, Couric opened up on how the nanny, she hired to care for her daughter, wanted to tear down the perfect life she had with her late husband.

Couric and Monahan had just welcomed their first child Ellie, now 30, and hired a woman named Doris who had an amazing profile and reference from top figures like Diana Ross and Bianca Jagger.

Couric noted that she formed a close friendship with Doris, who initially was to work on weekdays but requested to stay with the growing family on weekends. The relationship went on to prove threatening to Couric's marriage to her first husband.


According to the longtime show host, Doris became delusional and tried to sabotage her marriage, accusing her late husband of being a pedophile, a claim the 64-year-old strongly denied.

In the explosive memoir, Couric wrote that she spent more time with Doris than anyone else and was completely unguarded around the nanny. She added that they were like a couple in a weird way.

Couric lived in New York during the week while her late husband stayed in Virginia, and the family had only weekends to reunite. Still, Doris began to grow attached to the former newscaster, and soon, an obsession ensued.


While the nanny was good with Couric's toddler, Couric began to notice ominous signs after she asked for a hug before going to bed one night.

At first, Couric let it slide, thinking it was a one-off event, and made excuses that Doris felt lonely; unknowingly that would mark the beginning of hard times.

Doris would turn visitors away from the house, preventing them from seeing Couric, and when her husband said he was moving to New York to be with the family, she threatened to quit.


After realizing Doris was delusional, Couric fired her for trying to sabotage her marriage. Afterward, she began to find strange stories about her family in the tabloids, which she believed were stories that her former nanny had told the press.

Doris even prepared leaflets accusing Monahan of being a pedophile, complete with a photo of him lying on a bed reading a story to their daughter from a family vacation.

Couric and Monahan considered getting a restraining order and hired a retired cop to keep an eye on Ellie's preschool, but Doris gradually vanished from their lives.



Couric found love years after losing her first husband and is now married to banker John Molner. Prior to her second wedding, Couric had some well-publicized relationships, but life with Molner has been amazing.

Despite her new and happy life, Couric still remembers her late husband fondly and finds his death painful. In her memoir, Couric opened up on the courage it took to face her husband's demise after less than a decade together. Despite her early loss, she finds comfort in her supportive family and thriving career.

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